You can find more information or download the latest version of Pantheon here.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Commodore computers

I've recently started to work on emulation of Commodore computers. Commodore PET and Commodore VIC20 are relatively simple computers and both emulators are working fine. Commodore C64 is far more complex and I still need few months to complete the emulator. Certain games are running, but without sound.

Adventureland for Commodore PET

Abductor for Commodore VIC20

Congo Bongo for Commodore C64

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pantheon 3.074 has been released

New version of Pantheon is already available. Download it and play 62 games for Mattel Intellivision: Adventures of Tron, Air Strike, Apple Catcher, Armor Battle, Beauty and the Beast, Blockade Runner, Blow Out, BurgerTime, Carnival, Championship Tennis, Checkers, Chip Shot - Super Pro Golf, Defender, Demon Attack, Dig Dug, Dracula, Frog Bog, Frogger, GoSub, Grid Shock, Happy Trails, Hard Hat, Horse Racing, Hypnotic Lights, Ice Trek, King of the Mountain, Lady Bug, Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack, Las Vegas Roulette, League of Light, Lock 'N' Chase, Microsurgeon, Minehunter, Mission X, NASL Soccer, NBA Basketball, Night Stalker, Pac-Man, PBA Bowling, Ping, Pitfall!, Popeye, Q-bert, Reversi, River Raid, Robot Rubble, Safecracker, Shape Escape, Simon4, Snafu, Stack 'Em!, Stampede, Super Cobra, Swords & Serpents, Takeover, Tetris, Turbo, Tutankham, USCF Chess, Venture, Yogi's Frustration, Zaxxon

Tutankham for Mattel Intellivision