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Friday, July 15, 2016

Pantheon 4.838 is available for download

Today is Pantheon's sixth birthday, so I had to made this release. New Pantheon brings you 88 MSX games. Enjoy:

Alpha Roid, Alpha Squadron, Anty, Aramo, Battleship Clapton II, BC's Quest for Tires - Grog's Revenge, Bifamu, Blockade Runner, Boing Boing, Bouncing Block, C So!, Casio Worldopen, Casio Daishogai Keiba, Championship Lode Runner, Color Ball, Comic Bakery, Computer Chess, Craze, Crazy Train, Daidasso, Decathlon, Dip Dip, Dragon Attack, Dungeon Master, Eggerland Mistery 2 - Meikyushinwa, Erika, Exoide-Z, Exoide-Z Area 5, Fantasy Zone, Fathom, Fire Rescue, Flicky, Formation Z, Funky Mouse, Gall Force: Defence of Chaos, Gojira 3D, Golf Game, Golgo 13 Okami no Su, Gun Fright, Haja no Fuin, Hanafuda, Hanafuda Koi Koi, Hisya, Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness, Hydlide III: The Space Memories, Indian no Bouken, Janka, Jissen 4-nin Mahjong, Karamaru, King & Balloon, Knither Special, Kung-Fu Master, Kung-Fu Taigun, Le Mans 2, Leonard, Lord Over, Magical Kid Wiz, Marine Battle, Miku to Shrori no Nyan Nyan Pro Wrestling, Moai no Hibou, Mole, MSX 21, MSX Shogi Game, Nessen Koushiye, Pai Panic, Peetan, Pegasus, Pipi, Pippols, Pyramid Warp, Real Tennis, Renju & Ojama Dogs, Scion, Senjo no Okami, Shougi, Skooter, Star Blazer, Star Command, Super Pachinko, Super Drinker, Takeru Densetsu, Tatica, Telebunnie, The Brain, Thexder, TZR Grand Prix Rider, Wrangler, Yie Ar King-Fu 2

Knither Special for MSX computers

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Atari ST emulator in development

I started to work on emulator of Atari ST computers three years ago, but I soon gave up, because I was not experienced enough. One month ago, I decided to give it another try. I made some important progress since then and majority of games is working fine now. There are still few things that needs some improvement, but this emulator is not far from finished.

Atari ST operating system (GEM)

Block Out for Atari ST computers

Accelerator for Atari ST computers