You can find more information or download the latest version of Pantheon here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SNK Neo Geo emulator in development

I've been working on SNK Neo Geo emulator for last two months and it works perfectly, well almost. This emulator was not that hard to make, because SNK Neo Geo is very similar to Sega MegaDrive/Genesis in certain areas, and its video system is quite simple. I spent most of my time to optimize the code for performance, because SNK Neo Geo is absolute beast:

- two CPU processors: 12MHz Motorola 68000 + 4MHz Zilog Z80
- graphics processor can draw up to 380 16x512 sprites at a time. Display resolution is 16-bit 320×224.
- audio processor is Yamaha YM2610 which gives the system 15 channels of sound: 4 FM channels, 3 SSG channels and 7 ADPCM channels

There are more than one hundred games available for SNK Neo Geo. These are first class games, that look amazing and are fun to play.

Art of Fighting for SNK Neo Geo

Puzzle de Pon! for SNK Neo Geo

Monday, December 5, 2016

Pantheon 5.318 is available for download

I've made some small improvements in Mattel Intellivision emulator and added 98 games for this platform:

ABPA Backgammon, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin, All-Star Major League Baseball, Area Fighter, Astrosmash, Atlantis, Auto Racing, B-17 Bomber, Balloons vs. the Clowns of Christmas Presents, Beamrider, Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, Bomb Squad, Boxing, Brickout!, Bump 'n' Jump, Buzz Bombers, Centipede, Clowns and Balloons, Christmas Carol vs. the Ghost of Christmas Presents, Commando, Congo Bongo, Crazy Clones, Deep Pockets - Super Pro Pool and Billiards, Diner, Donkey Kong Arcade, Donkey Kong Junior, Dragonfire, Fathom, Goat Nom, Hotel Bunny, Hover Force, Illusions, Intellipongola, Istar, Kool-Aid Man, Land Battle, Loco-Motion, Major League Baseball, Mastermind, Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man!, Motocross, Mouse Trap, Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing, NHL Hockey, Nova Blast, Number Blaster, PGA Golf, Pinball, Pole Position, Rocketeer, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Royal Dealer, Scarfinger, Sea Battle, Sewer Sam, Shark! Shark!, Sharp Shot, Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball, Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Cadet, Space Hawk, Space Patrol, Space Shuttle, Space Spartans, Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, Stadium Mud Buggies, Star Strike, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Stonix, Sub Hunt, Super Pixel Brothers, Super Pro Decathlon, Super Pro Football, Tag-Along Todd, Tennis, The Dreadnaught Factor, The Electric Company: Math Fun, The Electric Company: Word Fun, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle, Tower of Doom, Triple Action, Tris, Tron: Deadly Discs, Tron: Maze-A-Tron, Tron: Solar Sailer, Tropical Trouble, Truckin', U.S. Ski Team Skiing, Utopia, Vectron, White Water!, World Cup Football, Worm Whomper, Zombie Marbles

Atlantis for Mattel Intellivision

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pantheon 5.220 has been released

I've made some significant improvements in Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator added a lot of games for this platform:

Aero Blasters, Aeorbiz, Atomic Robo-Kid, Ball Jacks, Bass Masters Classic, Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition, Batman Returns, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Body Count, Caliber .50, Castle of Illusion, Chiki Chiki Boys, Columns III: Revenge of Columns, Crystal's Pony Tale, Curse, Daffy Duck in Hollywood, Deadly Moves, Deer Hunter, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone, Earthworm Jim 2, Elemental Master, ESPN Baseball Tonight, ESPN National Hockey Night, F1 - World Championship Edition, Family Feud, Feng Shen Ying Jie Chuan, FIFA Soccer 95, FIFA Soccer 96, Fun 'n' Games, Gambler Jiko Chuushinha, Generations Lost, Granada, Harry Potter, Hyokkori Hyoutan Jima, Insector X, Iraq War 2003, Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf, Jantei Monogatari, Jeopardy! '92, Jeopardy! '93, Joe Montana Football, Jurassic Park, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor - 98-Shiki Kidou Seyo!, King of the Monsters, King of the Monsters 2, Lethal Enforcers, Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters, M.U.S.H.A., Madou Monogatari I, Magical Taruruuto-kun, Mario Lemeiux Hockey, Megapanel, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, Ms. Pac-Man, Mystical Fighter, NBA Action '94, NBA Action '95, NBA Jam, NHLPA Hockey '93, Onslaught, Phantom 2040, Pink Goes to Hollywood, Pretty Girl Mahjong, Psy-O-Blade, Puyo Puyo, Puyo Puyo 2, R.B.I. Baseball 3, R.B.I. Baseball 4, Raiden Trad, Red Zone, Rent a Hero, RoboCop 3, Saint Sword, Scrabble, Show do Milhao, Show do Milhao volume 2, Shui Hu Zhuan, Slaughter Sport, Sonic Eraser, Space Invaders '90, Space Invaders '91, Stargate, Super Daisenryaku, Super Ping-Pong, Taiwan Daheng, Techno Clash, The Addams Family, The Adventures of Mighty Max, The Incredible Hulk, The Magic School Bus, Time Killers, Top Pro Golf, Top Pro Golf 2, Tougi-Ou: King Colossus, Traysia, Tun Shi Tian Di III, Ultimate Qix, Vapor Trail, Verytex, Viewpoint, Wardner, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Where in time is Carmen Sandiego?, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, World Championship Soccer, Wrestle War, WWF Raw, XDR: X-Dazedly-Ray, Yogi Bear: Cartoon Capers, Zombie High

Deadly Moves for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Feng Shen Ying Jie Chuan for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pantheon 5.108 is available for download

Commodore PET emulator is fully functional and now you can experience some of the oldest games for home computers. This are simple games which are almost 40 years old, but they are still fun to play:

Acey Deucy, Acrobat, Adventureland, Air Attack, Alien Attack, Aliens!, Ambush!, Arrow, Backgammon, Bat!, Bomber, Boswain, Brick Wall, Casino Blackjack, Checkers!, Chess Game, Cosmic Cosmiads, Count to 100, Crazy Ballon, Dambuster, Debris, Dodgems, Dragon Island, Duel, Dungeon, Eliza, Enigma, Everest, Fball, Ferry, Fire!, Frog Race, G-Word, Gammon, GoMoku, Gremlin, Guess It, Guessing Game, Hangman, Hanoi, Heart Racer, Hexapawn, Hunt the Wumpus, Imphex, Jack Black, Joust, Kalah, King Tut's Tomb, Kingdom, Labyrinth, Leap, LEM, Light Cycles, M-Maze, Match, Meteor, Millipede, Miser, Mission 2001, Mount St. Helens, Nab!, Nightmare Park, Number Toe, Othello, Ouranos!, Pegboard, PET Nuclear Power Plant, Pinball, Ping Pong, Police!, Pong, Quix, Race, Race Track, Rail, Ratrun, Revers!, Reverse, Reverser, S-Racer, Safe!, Sheep, Shooter, Siege, Ski, Slot, Sorcerer's Castle, Space, Space Ace, Space Invader, Space Invaders, Spot, Star Trek, Starburst, Street Bomber, Super Glooper, Super Trek, Target Pong, Tetris, The Mad Bomber, The Wizards Castle, Tic Tac Toe, Time Trek, Torpedeo, Toss, Typing Practice, Yahtzee, Zone X

Heart Racer for Commodore PET

Friday, October 7, 2016

Commodore C16 - Plus/4 emulator in development

Commodore C16 and Plus/4 were released in 1984. The C16 intended to be an entry-level computer to replace the VIC-20, while Plus/4 was the flagship computer of the line, intended to replace C64. The C16 was a flop in the US and was discontinued within a year, but it sold reasonably well in Europe as a low-end game machine. Commodore Plus/4 was a flop on both, US and European market.

Commodore C16 and Plus/4 featured a version of the original 6502 CPU named 7501, and a new video chip named TED. With 16 colors, and 16 shades of color, they had an amazing 128 colors available. Their sound capabilities were poor, only a two-voice square wave generator. Despite their poor performance on the market, hundreds of C16 and Plus/4 games are available today.

I've been working on Commodore C16 and Plus/4 emulator for almost four weeks and it is almost fully functional.

Bomb Jack for Commodore C16

Haziasan - demo for Commodore Plus/4

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pantheon 5.000 has been released

New Pantheon has improved emulator of MSX computers, which now supports series 2 computers. MSX2 computers had more RAM and Yamaha V9938 graphics chip, that was capable of displaying 512x212 resolution graphics in 16 colors and 256x212 resolution graphics in 256 colors. Games for this platform are just great. This release brings you mixture or MSX and MSX2 games and few dozens of homebrews:

1942, A-Class Mahjong, AcroJet, Aleste, Angelo, Aquapolis SOS, Arctic - Active Rail Playing, Arkanoid II, Arubatoros, AshGuine - Densetsu no Seisenshi, AshGuine Story II: Kokuu no Gajou, AshGuine Story III: Fukushuu no Honoo, Bag Man, Balloon City, Bee & Flower, Beepertron, Blade Lords, Boggy '84, Bomb Man, Break In, Bubble Bobble, Candoo Ninja, Caos Begins, Castle Excellent, Caverns of Titan, City Connection, Come On! Picot, Contra, Cow Abductors, Crimson, Daikoukai Jidai, DAQ Lord of Idar, David II, Deep Forest, Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei, Double Dragon, Dragon Quest, Druid, Dunk Shot, Dynamite Bowl, Eagles 5, Erusurid - Elslid, F-15 Strike Eagle, FA Tetris, Famicle Parodic, Fantasy Zone II, Final Zone Wolf, Flash Splash, Formula Dice, Gambler Jikichushinpa, Gambler Jikichushinpa 2, Gang Master, Gangcheol RoboCop, Garyuuou, Gekitotsu Pennant Race, Girly Block, Gommy, Gun.Smoke, Gyrodine, Hai no Majutsushi, High School! Kimengumi, Hinotori, Hyper Sports 1, Hyper Sports 2, Hyper Sports 3, Ide Yousuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong, Ikari Warriors, I.N.E.R.T.I.A., JINJ2 – Belmonte’s Revenge, Jyansei, Kenpelen Chess, KiKi Kai Kai, Kisei, Koneko no Daibouken, Kralizec 8K Tetris, L.3.W., La Corona Encantada, Lupin the 3rd: Babiron no Ougon Densetsu, Lupin the 3rd: Cariostoro no Siro, Magical Stones, Magunam - Kiki Ippatsu, Maison Ikkoku: Kanketsu Hen, Maison Ikkoku: Omoide no Photograph, Malaika, Malaika Prehistoric Quest, Malaya no Hibou, Mashou no Yakata Gabalin, Meikyu no Tobira - Gate of Labyrinth, Mission 2 Mir, Missisippi Satsujin Jiken, Mr. Chef & the Sausages, Namake’s Bridgedrome, Nekketsu Judo, New Bubble Bobble, Nyorols, Ouke no Tani: El Giza no Fuuin, Pachi Pro Densetsu, Pachinko U.F.O., Pair Logic, Pay Load, Penguin Cafe, Penguin Race, Project A2 - Shijousaidai no Hyouteki, QBIQS, Quarth, Rastan Saga, Royal Blood, Running naked in a Field of Flowers, Saimazoom, Scramble Formation, Seiken Acho, Seikima 2 Special, Shanghai, SHMUP!, Sinbad, Slender - The Camping, Snail Maze, Soukoban Pocket Edition, Space Maze Attack, Strange Loop, Strategic Mars, Stratos, Street Master, Sudoku, Super Bionman 4, Super Boy I, Super Boy II, Super Boy III, Super Bubble Bobble, Super Lode Runner, Super Penguin, Super Runner, Super Triton, T-Virus, Tawara-kun, Tengoku Yoitoko, Teki Paki, Tetris, Tetris - MSX2, Tetsuman, The Castle, The Cure, The Mansion, The Micro Xevious, The Three Dragon Story, The Treasure of Usas, Ti Ti! Pang Pang!, Tomb of Genghis Khan, Topple Zip, Topple Zip - MSX2, Turikichi Sampei Burumarine-Hen, Turikichi Sampei Turisennin-Hen, Universe: Unknown, Vampire Killer, Welcome to Heaven, Word Invaders, Yahtzee, Yokai Tanken Chima Chima, Yokai Yasiki, Zanac-EX, Zexas Limited, Zombie Incident

Daikoukai Jidaifor MSX 2 computers

Aleste for MSX 2 computers

Friday, July 15, 2016

Pantheon 4.838 is available for download

Today is Pantheon's sixth birthday, so I had to made this release. New Pantheon brings you 88 MSX games. Enjoy:

Alpha Roid, Alpha Squadron, Anty, Aramo, Battleship Clapton II, BC's Quest for Tires - Grog's Revenge, Bifamu, Blockade Runner, Boing Boing, Bouncing Block, C So!, Casio Worldopen, Casio Daishogai Keiba, Championship Lode Runner, Color Ball, Comic Bakery, Computer Chess, Craze, Crazy Train, Daidasso, Decathlon, Dip Dip, Dragon Attack, Dungeon Master, Eggerland Mistery 2 - Meikyushinwa, Erika, Exoide-Z, Exoide-Z Area 5, Fantasy Zone, Fathom, Fire Rescue, Flicky, Formation Z, Funky Mouse, Gall Force: Defence of Chaos, Gojira 3D, Golf Game, Golgo 13 Okami no Su, Gun Fright, Haja no Fuin, Hanafuda, Hanafuda Koi Koi, Hisya, Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness, Hydlide III: The Space Memories, Indian no Bouken, Janka, Jissen 4-nin Mahjong, Karamaru, King & Balloon, Knither Special, Kung-Fu Master, Kung-Fu Taigun, Le Mans 2, Leonard, Lord Over, Magical Kid Wiz, Marine Battle, Miku to Shrori no Nyan Nyan Pro Wrestling, Moai no Hibou, Mole, MSX 21, MSX Shogi Game, Nessen Koushiye, Pai Panic, Peetan, Pegasus, Pipi, Pippols, Pyramid Warp, Real Tennis, Renju & Ojama Dogs, Scion, Senjo no Okami, Shougi, Skooter, Star Blazer, Star Command, Super Pachinko, Super Drinker, Takeru Densetsu, Tatica, Telebunnie, The Brain, Thexder, TZR Grand Prix Rider, Wrangler, Yie Ar King-Fu 2

Knither Special for MSX computers

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Atari ST emulator in development

I started to work on emulator of Atari ST computers three years ago, but I soon gave up, because I was not experienced enough. One month ago, I decided to give it another try. I made some important progress since then and majority of games is working fine now. There are still few things that needs some improvement, but this emulator is not far from finished.

Atari ST operating system (GEM)

Block Out for Atari ST computers

Accelerator for Atari ST computers

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pantheon 4.750 has been released

Pantheon 4.750 is available for download. This version brings you more than 250 games for Acorn Electron computer. I've also made some improvements on GUI and other emulators. Games in this release:

3D Pool, 747 Flight Simulator, Accordion, Adventure, Adventure Anthology, Airline, Alphaswap, Arcade Soccer, Atom Smash, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Backgammon, Bar Billiards, Battle 1917, Battlefields, Battlezone 2000, Beach Head, BeebTrek, Blood of the Mutineers, Blue Dragon, Bobby Charlton Soccer, Boxer, BreakFree, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Bruce Forsyth's: Play your cards right, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, Bullseye, Bun Fun, Bunny Blitz, Castle Frankenstein, Castle of Riddles, Castle of Sand, Castlemaze Adventure, Caveman, Caveman Capers, Cavern Capers, Classic Adventure, Codebreaker, Combat Lynx, Commonwealth Games, Confuzion, Contract Bridge, Cops n' Robbers, Corn Cropper, Corporate Climber, Crazee Rider, Cricket, Crown Jewels, Cyborg Warriors, Day at the Races, Denis through the Drinking Glass, Depotmaster: Finsbury Park, Depotmaster: Old Oak Common, Despatch Rider, Dicer!, Dodgy Geezers, Dogfight, Dominoes, Dracula Island, Druid's Circle, Elite, English Civil War, Enigma, Fantasia Diamond, Fire Island, FirienWood, First Moves Chess, Fishing, Flight Path 737, Footballer of the Year, Fortune Valley, Frak, Fruit Machine, Fruit Worm, Future Shock, Galactic Commander, Galadriel in Distress, Galilee, Gauntlet, Gin Rummy, Goal!, Graham Gooch Match Cricket, Grand Prix, Grebit, Greedy Dwarf, Gunfighter, Hampstead, Haunted House, Helter Skelter, Hex: the Legend of Vianna, Hi-Lo, Hi-Q-Quiz, Horse Race, Hostages, Howzat, Hunkidory, Ian Botham's Test Match, Indoor Soccer, Inner Space, Invasion Force, Jam Butty, Johnny Reb, Jumper, Karate Warrior, Kayleth, Kingdom of Klein, Kissin' Kousins, Knockout, Lander, Licenced to Kill, Locks of Luck, Locomotion, Lunar Invasion, Maniac Mower, Manic Mole, Maze, Micro Olympics, Millionaire, Missile Jammer, Mission XP2, Moneymaze, Monsters, Mr. Freeze, Myorem, Night Strike, Oxbridge, Paint Roller, Parachute, Paras, Parky's Peril, Pedro, Pengwyn, Pettigrew's Diary, Pharaoh's Tomb, Philosopher's Quest, Pinball Arcade, Pipeline, Piquet, Plane Crash, Playbox: Hangman, Playbox: Memory, Playbox: Bricksmash, Plunder, Pony Express, Pool Hall, Predator, Pro Golf, Project Thesius, Quest for the Holy Grail, Rally Driver, Reaction Tester, Rebel Planet, Red Coats, Return of the Warrior, Revenge of Zor, Rick Hanson, Ricochet, Robin of Sherwood, Rockfall, Roman Empire, Row of Four, Runestaff, Sadim Castle, Serpent's Lair, Shark, Shedmaster: Bounds Green, Shedmaster: Finsbury Park, Shuffle, Shuttle Simulator, Sim City, Skramble, Snap Dragon, Snowball, Soccer Supremo!, Solitaire, South Devon Hydraulics, Space Caverns, Space Hike, Space Station Alpha, Special Operations, SpellBinder, Spheroids, Sphinx Adventure, Spitfire '40, Spy vs Spy, Star Drifter, Star Fighter Pilot, Star Maze, Steve Davis Snooker, Stranded, Stranded on Iloofrax, Stratobomber, Strip Poker II+, Super Golf, Super Hanger, Super Hangman, Super Pool, Super Spy Flint, Super Spy Flint II: Return of Flint, Super Spy Flint III: Flint strikes back, Superior Soccer, Superman the Game, Survivor, Syncron, Terrormolinos, Thai Boxing, The Banished Prince, The Big K.O., The Eye of Zolton, The Ferryman Awaits, The Five Doctors, The Five Stones of Anadon, The Golf, The Great Wall, The Hacker, The Hexagram of Trutania Valley, The Hunt: Search for Shauna, The Inca Treasure, The Ket Trilogy, The Life of Repton, The Lost Treasure of King Raybon, The Magic Sword, The Mystery of the Java Star, The Nine Dancers, The Philosopher's Stone, The Prophecy, The Puppet Man, The Ring of Time, The Sea Queen, The Search for Princess Lavinia, The Staff of Law, The Stolen Lamp, The Twin Orbs of Aalinor, The Valley, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Tomb of Death, Trapper, Treasure Hunt, Tunnel Adventure, Twin Kingdom Valley, Underground Adventure, Valley of the Kings, Vegas Jackpot, Video Card Arcade, Video Classics, Village of Lost Souls, Waterloo, West, Wheel of Fortune, White Knight Mk11, Winter Olympiad '88, Wizard Adventure, Wizzys Mansion, Woodbury End, Woodland Terror, Wychwood, Xadomy, Ziggy, Zorakk the Conqueror

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games for Acorn Electron

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pantheon 4.492 has been released

Pantheon 4.492 is available for download. This version has improved Sega Master System emulator, which supports Sports Pad controller and improved Light Phaser emulation. 154 have been added to Sega Master System games collection:

2048, 3D City, 94 Super World Cup Soccer, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, Alf, Alibaba and 40 thieves, Alien Storm, Altered Beast, American Pro Football, Andre Agassi Tennis, AntiISDA Warrior, As Aventuras da TV Colosso, Assault City, Bara Buru, Battleships, Bay Third Dungeon, Block Hole, Bloki, Bock's Birthday 2011 II, Bonanza Bros., Bread and Butter, Bruce Lee, Bubble Bobble (Korean), C So!, Cardiac Arrest, Casino Games, Castle of Illusion, Cave Wanderer, Championship Hockey, Chappie's Ears Simon Game, Cheese Cat-Astrophe, Comic Bakery, Cyborg Hunter, Cyborg Z, Cye, Dallyeora Pigu Wang, DARC, DataStorm, Dick Tracy, Digger Ball, Digger Chan, Double Hawk, Duke Nukem, Dynamite Dux, Dynamite Headdy, E.I. - Exa Innova, Eagles 5, Earthworm Jim, FIFA International Soccer, Fire & Ice, Flip Flap, Galaxian, Gangcheol RoboCop, Gangster Town, Gaudream, Gekioko PunPun Maru, Geraldinho, Global Defense, G-LOC - Air Battle, Golfamania, Golvellius: Valley of Doom, Gravity Beam: Master Gaiden, Great Football, Great Ice Hockey, Gun.Smoke, Headless Ninja Volley, Hong Kil Dong, Jang Pung II, Jang Pung 3, King & Balloon, King Kong, Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious, Knights and Demons, KunKun and KokoKun, KunKun and KokoKun 2 - Return of the Kun, Lander 1, Lander 2, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Lost Raider, Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting, Maze Hunter 3-D, Minesweeper, Miracle Warriors: Seal of The Dark Lord, Missile Defense 3-D, Moggy Master, Monkey Lad, Monopoly, Mopiranger, NanoWars 8k, NBA Jam, Nemesis 2, New Boggle Boggle 2, ono, Parlour Games, Pat Riley Basketball, Picross, Pooyan, Populous, Porkpolis, Putt & Putter, Puznic, Racer, Road Fighter, RoboCop versus The Terminator, Rocky, Running Battle, Samgukji III, Sapo Xulé vs Os Invasores do Brejo, Schlange CV, Sega World Tournament Golf, Sensible Soccer, Shooting Gallery, Shooting Stars, Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, Ski Master, Sky Jaguar, SMS Chip-8 Interpreter, Sonic Spinball, Soko Master, Space Gun, Special Criminal Investigation, Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six, Spy vs Spy, Sudoku, Suho Jeonsa, Summer Games, Super Bioman I, Super Smash T.V., Tensai Bakabon, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Coconut Cake Caper, The Excellent Dizzy Collection, The Incredible Crash Dummies, The Micro Xevious, The NewZealand Story, The Ninja, The Pro Yakyuu - Pennant Race, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants, The Simpsons: Bart vs. The World, Toto World 3, Versus, Video Poker, Waimanu, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, World Cup Italia '90, World Cup USA 94, World Games, World Grand Prix, World Soccer, WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge, Xyxolog, Zombi Terror, Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension

Bruce Lee for Sega Master System

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pantheon 4.338 has been released

Pantheon 4.338 is now available for download. This version brings you 70 games for Sega Game Gear:

5 in One Funpak, Aladdin, Arcade Classics, Asterix and the Great Rescue, Asterix and the Secret Mission, Barbie Super Model, Batter Up, Battletoads, Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble, Championship Hockey, Chase H.Q., Cutthroat Island, Daffy Duck in Hollywood, Desert Speedtrap, Double Dragon, Dragon Crystal, Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: The Tides of Time, F-15 Strike Eagle, FaceBall 2000, Foreman for Real, Gamble Panic, Gear Stadium Heiseiban, Gear Works, GG Nibbles, Home alone, House of Tarot, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal, James Bond 007: The Duel, Joe Montana Football, Judge Dredd, Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, Kinetic Connection, Land of Illusion, Legend of Illusion, Mappy, Marble Madness, Ms. Pac-Man, Nazo Puyo 2, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, NHL Hockey, Pac-Attack, Pac-In-Time, Phantasy Star Adventure, Predator 2, Prince of Persia, Psychic World, R.B.I. Baseball, Road Rash, RoboCop 3, Ronald in the Magical World, Samurai Shodown, Shaq Fu, Smash T.V., Solitaire Poker, Sonic Chaos, Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge, Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin, Super Space Invaders, Taisen Mahjong Hao-Pai, Taisen Mahjong Hao-Pai 2, Tesserae, The Chessmaster, The Lion King, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Torarete Tamaruka!?, VR Troopers, Wimbledon and Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush.

Prince of Persia for Sega Game Gear

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pantheon 4.268 has been released

Pantheon 4.268 is now available for download. This version brings you 388 games for Atari 8-bit computers:

747 Landing Simulator, A-Rogue, Achtung Panza!, Advent X-5, Afro Ball, Alex, Alf in the Color Caves, Andromeda, Arcade Fruit Machine, Archon, Archon II - Adept, Astrowarriors, Ataroid, Aztec Challenge, Back in Time, Balloonacy, Beach Head, Beach Head II, Bellum, Biker Dave, Blast!, Bomb Squad!, Break-Out, Breakin, BridgePro, Bubble, Bug Attack, Camel, Canuck Pinball, Carnival Massacre, Castle, Cave Crisis, Caverns of Mars II, Cecil, Cecil II, Change, Checkers, Chopper, Citadel Warrior, Clowns and Balloons, Computer Chess, Computerized Yahtzee, Cosmic Hero, Crazy Cobra, Crypts of Terror, Dambusters, Danger Ranger, Danny's Mirror Magic, Death Zone, Depth Charge, Diamond Dave, Doggies, Dragon's Lair, Drelbs, Droids, Dyna Blaster, Eggard, Egypt Ball!, Encounter at Questar IV, Epidemic!, Eryus, Escape from Hell!, Escape to Equatus, Everest Explorer, Fastgammon, Fire, Fire Chief, Fireball!, Flags of Europe, Football Manager, Fortune Hunter, Fuzzy, G Men, Gangsters, Genesis, Ghostly Goblins, Go, Golf Challenge, Good King Zurp, Grateful Dead, Greedy Caterpillars, Greener than You Think!, Groove, Guard, Gun Law, Guy Fawkes, Happy Wheeler, Hard Hat Mack, Hawk Fire, Helicopter Round-Up, Helix, Hijack!, Home Pong, Hookey!, Hopper, Horse Play, How Nice for You, Dear, Humanoid, Incydent, Inny Swiat, Interstar, Ion Power, Jack the Digger, Jaffar, Jewel Bits, Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts, Joy Ride, JR's Dots, Juggles' House, Juggles' Rainbow, Jumbo Jet Pilot, Jumpman, K-bert, Karateka, Kernaw, Keystone Kapers, Kid Grid, Kidnapped, King of the Castle, King Tut's Tomb, Knobs and Knockers, Korellian Conflict, Kvadryk, Labyrinth Run, Laser Barrage, LaserMaze, Lazer Type, Leap Frog!, Leaper, Leaps and Bounds!, Lemonade, Little Green Thingies from Space, Livewire!, Logic, Loops DX, Lords of Karma, Mad Marble, Magia, Magnetix, Maniac Miner, Marble Magic, Marbles, Marketing Adventure, MasterMatch, Maszyna Czasu, Math Wizard, Matsch, Matterhorn, Maze Munch, Mean 18, Mediator, Megagun, Memory Match, Meteor, Mickey in the Great Outdoors, Micro Chess, MicroMan, Mike's Casino, Mike's Pinball, Miner 2059er, Miny, Miny V2.0, Missile Action, Missing... One Droid, Modem Magic, Money Bags, Monkey Up a Tree, Moon Lander, Mordon's Quest, Motocross 800, Mouse Trap, Mr. Grumpy, Mysterious Adventure: 7. Feasibility Experiment, Mysterious Adventure: 8. 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Rockford for Atari 8-bit computers

Friday, January 15, 2016

Atari Jaguar emulator is almost complete

I've been working on Atari Jaguar emulator for months and I have made some significant progress this week. Some game are almost fully playable, others won't even start, but I think it's just a matter of time until they do. My biggest concern at the moment is performance: emulator uses 60-100% of my laptop's CPU (2.1Ghz), but I hope I find a way to make it work a bit faster.

Atari Jaguar was a powerful machine with three microprocessors and powerfull graphics chips, and the Atari Jaguar emulator is one of the most difficult programs I've ever made. And it's not even finished. But games for this device look fantastic, so I think it was worth it.

Zool 2 for Atari Jaguar