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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SNK Neo Geo emulator in development

I've been working on SNK Neo Geo emulator for last two months and it works perfectly, well almost. This emulator was not that hard to make, because SNK Neo Geo is very similar to Sega MegaDrive/Genesis in certain areas, and its video system is quite simple. I spent most of my time to optimize the code for performance, because SNK Neo Geo is absolute beast:

- two CPU processors: 12MHz Motorola 68000 + 4MHz Zilog Z80
- graphics processor can draw up to 380 16x512 sprites at a time. Display resolution is 16-bit 320×224.
- audio processor is Yamaha YM2610 which gives the system 15 channels of sound: 4 FM channels, 3 SSG channels and 7 ADPCM channels

There are more than one hundred games available for SNK Neo Geo. These are first class games, that look amazing and are fun to play.

Art of Fighting for SNK Neo Geo

Puzzle de Pon! for SNK Neo Geo

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