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Friday, January 20, 2017

Pantheon 5.504 has been released

Recently, I have found a website with lots of games for Acorn BBC Micro (, many of them where not on my to-do list, so I had to check them out. This new release brings you 184 new games for for Acorn BBC Micro:

-games for Acorn BBC Micro: 2048, 3D Convoy, 3D Maze, Aces High, Acorn Adventure, Adventure, Alphatron, Androidz, Antix, Apple Pie, Asteroid Belt, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Baby Monty, Balloons, Bandits, Birdie Barrage, Blagger 2, Blitzkrieg, Blockbuster, Boot Hill, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Bug Eyes, Bug Eyes 2, Camelot, Castle Frankenstein, Castle of Riddles, Cholo, Chrysalis, Codename Droid, Cosmic Asteroids, Countdown to Doom, Crazee Rider, Crazy Balloon, Crazy Tracer, Custard Pie Fight, Danger Dog, Demon Knight, Diamond Adventure, Dogfight, Downhill Racer, Dracula Island, Dragon Rider, Ebony Castle, Egghead in Space, Egyptian Adventure, Eliminator, Emily, English Civil War, Ewgeebez, F for Freddie, Fairytale Adventure, Fernando the Flea, First Contact, First Moves Chess, Footer, Frantic Farmer, Freefall, Frenzy, Galactic Empire, Galaxian, Galaxy Raiders, Garden, Gideon's Gamble, Gimpo, Goal!, Gold Bank, Gold Mine, Gridd Worz, Gyroscope, Hacker 2000, Hard Hat Harry, Hard Hat Harry 2, Headcase Hotel, Holed Out, Holed Out - Extra Couses 1, Holed Out - Extra Couses 2, Hunchy, I Spy Red, Identify Europe, Infection, It's Magic, Jet Set Miner, Joey, Jump Jet, Jungle Quest, Kensington, Kingdom of Klein, Kissin' Kousins, Klect, Knight Quest, Las Vegas, Lazer Cycle, Light Cycles, Loona Rescue, Ludo, Magic Adventure, Manic Mechanic, Maze, MazezaM, MazezaM II: Monstrous MazezaM, Mega Apocalypse, Micro Olympics, Mine Sweeper, Missile Attack, Missile Strike, Monster Maze, Monsters, Mr. Shifter, Ms. Pac-Man, Murder at the Abbey, Navigator, Nifty Lifty, Not a penny more, not a penny less, Octavia, Old MacDonald's Farm, Olsen, Osprey!, Paranoid Pete, Passport to Death, Pendragon, Pipe Loonacy, Pirate's Peril, Plutonium Plunder, Poker Dice, Proteanse, Pyron Slayer, Q-Boyd, Questprobe 1: The Incredible Hulk, Questprobe 2: Spider-Man, Questprobe 3: Fantastic Four part 1, Rabbit Run, Rabid Rider, Ravage, Renegade Robots, Robol, Robotron, Roman Empire, Roving Robot, Runestaff, Santa's Slip-Up!, SAS Commander, Scoop, Sea Wolf, Shields, Ski Slalom, Snail Trail, Snake Maze, Solitaire, Space Base, Space Caverns, Spaceman Sid, Spooks 'n' Spirits, Star Striker, Sticky Fingers, Strawberry Fields, Street Machine, Stuntman, Super Pool, Swarm, Swarmers' Revenge, Tenpin Bowling, Tetriz, The Abominable Snowmen, The Hacker, The Hunt: Search for Shauna, The Magic Sword, The Taroda Scheme, Thunderball, Timebomb, Tower of Hanoi, Trench, Ultima, Video Card Arcade, Vliv, Wallie's Castle, West, West Quest 1847, Winter Olympiad '88, Wizard's Castle, World Cup Manager, Xanadu Adventure, Yukon Gold, Zarm, Ziggy


Scoop for Acorn BBC Micro
Ziggy for Acorn BBC Micro

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