You can find more information or download the latest version of Pantheon here.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pantheon 3.880 has been released

Pantheon 3.880 is now available. Release notes:
-games for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: 16 Tiles Mahjong, 3 Ninjas Kick Back, Advanced Daisenryaku, Aero the Acro-Bat, Aero the Acro-Bat 2, Aladdin, Aladdin II, Arch Rivals, Balloon Boy, Battle Squadron, Berzerk, Block Out, Brian Lara Cricket, Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, Bubsy II, Caesar's Palace, Chi Chi's Pro Challenge, Columns, Combat Aces, Crossfire, Dark Castle, Devilish, Dragon's Eye: Shanghai 2, Dragon's Eye: Shanghai 3, Dragon's Revenge, EA Hockey, Earthworm Jim, Empire of Steel, Exile, Fantasia, Fido Dido, Frogger, Gain Ground, Gauntlet IV: Castle of Succession, Gleylancer, Gods, Goofy's Hysterical History Tour, Haunting starring Polterguy, Hellfire, Hook, IMG International Tour Tennis, International Rugby, Ishido: The Way of Stones, J. League Pro Striker, James Bond 007: The Duel, James Pond: Underwater Agent, James Pond II: Codename RoboCod, JellyBoy, Junction, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge, Kid Chameleon, Klax, Krusty's Super Fun House, LandStalker: The Treasures of King Nole, Liberty or Death, Link Dragon, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Lotus II: RECS, Magic Girl, Mega Bomberman, Might and Magic 2: Gates to Another World, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat III, NBA Hang Time, NCAA Final Four Basketball, NHL Hockey, Nightmare Circus, Nobunaga's Ambition, Omega Race, Out Run, Out Run 2019, Pac-Attack, Pachinko Kuunyan, Pengo, Phelios, Quack Shot starring Donald Duck, Radical REX, Rainbow Islands, Ristar, Rocket Knight Adventures, Sagaia, SegGala, Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi, Side Pocket, Socket, Sonic Crackers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Bubble Bobble, Super Monaco GP, Super Off-Road, Sword of Vermilion, T2: The Arcade Game, Taz-Mania, The Immortal, The Lost Vikings, The Misadventures of Flink, Truxton, Turbo OutRun, Ultimate Mortal Kombat III, Ultimate Soccer, Ultimate Tetris, Undead Line, Valis - The Fantasm Soldier, Valis III, Valis Syd, Wani Wani World, Warlock, Wolfchild, World Class Leader Board Golf, World Series Baseball, X-Men, X-Perts, Xenon 2: Megablast, Ya-Se Chuan Shuo, Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen, Zhuo Gui Da Shi: Ghost Hunter, Zoop

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pantheon 3.762 has been released

Pantheon 3.762 is now available. Release notes:
-Atari 2600 emulator: Light Gun support
-games for Atari 2600: 2600tris, A Mysterious Thief, Acid Fish, Alfred Challenge, Allia Quest, Angry Video Game Nerd K.O. Boxing, Assembly Line, Atari 2600 Soccer, Atom Smasher, Ature, Avalanche, Bell Hopper, Bermuda, Bobby is going home, Cave 1K, Cave Run, Checkers, Crash 'n Dive, Curtiss, Dead Road, Depth Charge, Diamond Drop, Doom Hockey, Drag Race, Dragon Defender, Duck Attack, Escape It, Evil Magician Returns, Extra Terrestrials, Farmyard Fun, Fix-It Felix Sr., Forest, Frisco, Game Panic LCD, Gate Racer, Ghost Maze, Go-B, Gremlins, Happy Bear Smackdown, Happy Halloween, Havoc Bug, Heartbreak, Hunger Shark, Immies & Aggies, Inferno, IQ 180, Jack and the Beanstalk, James Bond 007, Jr. Pac-Man, Jump! Jump!, Jumper, Jupiter Sumo, K.O. Cruiser, Knight Jumper, Laser Base, Lilly Adventure, Lost Cat, M.M.S.B.C., M.M.S.B.C. II, Marble Jumper, Missile Control, Mission 3,000 A.D., MotoRodeo, Mr. Postman, Nightrider, Nuts, Ooze, Palomino, Panda Chase, Panky the Panda, Parachute, Passthrough 2600, Pharaoh's Curse, Primate Plunge, Push, Racing Car, Raster Fahndung, Raumpatrouille, Rocket Command, Save our Ship, Seaweed Assault, Sentinel, Shooting Arcade, Silhouette, Ski Hunt, Ski Run, Snail against Squirrel, Snow White, Space Raid, Space Shuttle, Spacemaster X-7, Spies in the Night, Spinning Fireball, Splatform, Sprint Master, Stone Age, Suicide Mission, Super 3D Portals 6, Super Football, Survival Run Prototype, Sword of Iffrit, Three.s, Titan Diamonds, Title Match Pro Wrestling, Top Rock, Trashmania, Turbo, Twisty Passages, Walker, Words-Attack, Zirconium, Zombie Chase

Sentinel for Atari 2600

Monday, September 28, 2015

Pantheon 3.650 has been released

Pantheon 3.650 is now available. Release notes:
-games for Acorn BBC Micro: 3D Dotty, 3D Space Raider, 3D Space Ranger, 747, 9 classic card and board games 1, 9 classic card and board games 2, AdventureScape, AdventureSoft, Alien Break-In, Alien Swirl, Android Attack, Apocalypse, Arena 3000, Asteroids Deluxe, Astro Plumber, Aviator, Balloon Buster, Banana Man, Beeb Beep, BeebMunch!, Birds of Prey, Birdstrike, Blokkendoos, Bonecruncher, Bug Blaster, Bun Fun, Castle Assault, Castle Blackstar, Cavey, Chess 2.31, Chip Buster, City Defence, Classic arcade games, Colditz, Cookie, Cosmic camouflage, Cosmic Cruiser, Crawler, Croaker, Cyborg Warriors, Death's Head Hole, Demon Decorator, Diamond Pete, Donkey Kong Junior, Dracula Adventure, Drain Mania, Draughts, Draughts Challenger, Dunjunz, Eastwood Manor, Eldorado Gold, Electron Invaders, Emlyn Hughes arcade quiz, Enigma, Er-bert, Evil Dead, Exterminator, F-14 Tomcat, Fantasia Diamond, Fighter Pilot, Flip!, Flipper, Frankenstein 2000, Froggy, Funfair, Galactic Commander, Galactic Patrol, Galaxy Wars, Gambit, Gatecrasher, Go, Golf, Gremlins, Guardian, Gunfighter, Hangman, Hercules, Hex: the Legend of Vianna, Hi-Q-Quiz, Honest Joe, Hunkidory, Hyperdrive, Ian Botham's Test Match, Impact, Inner Space, Invaders, Jet-Boot Jack, Jet Power Jack, Jigsaw, Johnny Reb, Junior Maths - Part 1, Junior Maths - Part 2, Karl's Kavern, Laser Letters, Laser Reflex, Ledgeman, Lemming Syndrome, Light Cycle, Lost in Space, Lunar Lander, Mad Monty, Martian Attack, Mayday, Maze Man, Meteor Mission, Mineshaft, Missile Control, Mission XP2, Monkey Nuts, Moon Mission, Moon Raider, Morfix, Mr. Mephisto, Mr. Wiz, Nevryon, Night Strike, Nightflite, Ogles, Oxbridge, Pantry Antics, Pengwyn, Pentominoes, PiMania, Pirates in Space, Plague Planet, Poker, Polaris, Positron, Protector, Q-Bert, Q-Master, Quest for the Holy Grail, Ransack, Rebel Planet, Repton: Infinity, Return of R2, Revenge of Zor, Ricochet, Robotron: 2084, Roulette, Saigon, Santa's Delivery, Science Fiction Quiz, Screwball, Secret Sam 1, Secret Sam 2, Shape Match, Shove-It, Shuttle Simulator, Sidefighter, Skyhawk, Sliding-Block Puzzles, Snacker, Snooker, Soccer Boss, Son of Blagger, Space Adventure, Space Adventure 1, Space Fighter, Space Ranger, Sphenisciformes, Spooksville, Spycat, Squeakaliser, Stairway to Hell, Star Force Seven, Star Trek, Star Wars, Starforce Lander, Starship Command, Stormcycle, Stranded, Stranded!, Stratobomber, Street Patroller, Strip Poker, Super Fruit, Super Golf, Survivor, Syncron, System 15000, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tanks, Tarzan, Tarzan Boy, The Atlantic Coast Express, The Devil's Domain, The Five, The Genesis Project, The Golden Figurine, The Inter-City, The Life of Repton, The Mystery of the Lost Sheep, The Pines Express, The Red Arrows, The Ring of Time, The Seventh Star, The Survivors, The Wizard's Challenge, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, Timetrek, Trapper, Treasure Hunt, U.S. Drag Racing, Vampire Castle, Village of Lost Souls, Wall, Weetabix versus the Titchies, Wet Zone, White Knight Chess, Whoopsy, Wiggles, Wonder Worm, World Geography, Xanadu Cottage, Zany Kong, Zombies

Stairway to Hell for Acorn BBC Micro

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Atari Jaguar emulator in development

I started to work on Atari Jaguar emulator more than three years ago, but I soon gave up, because of lack of experience and knowledge. I recently found Atari Jaguar developers manual on Internet, with a lot of useful information, and I had to try again. I've made some significant progress in last few weeks and certain games are already showing some signs of life.

Arkanna demo for Atari Jaguar

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pantheon 3.432 has been released

Pantheon 3.432 is now available. Release notes:
-Sega Master System emulator: Light Phaser and paddle controler support
-games for Sega Master System: 20 em 1, Aerial Assault, After Burner, Air Rescue, Aladdin, Alex Kidd: BMX Trial, Alex Kidd: High-Tech World, Alien3, Alien Syndrome, American Baseball, Ariel - The Little Mermaid, Asterix and the Great Rescue, Asterix and the Secret Mission, Baku Baku, Basketball Nightmare, Batman Returns, Battlemaniacs, Black Belt, Blade Eagle 3-D, Bomber Raid, Bonkers Wax Up!, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Captain Silver, Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, Champions of Europe, Chapolim x Drácula - Um Duelo Assustador, Chase H.Q., Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck, Cloud Master, Comical Machine Gun Joe, Cool Spot, Danan: The Jungle Fighter, Dead Angle, Desert Speedtrap, Dinobasher, Dr. HELLO, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Dynamite Duke, E-SWAT, Ecco: The Tides of Time, F-1 Spirit: The way to Formula-1, FA Tetris, Fantastic Dizzy, Férias Frustradas do Pica Pau, Fire & Forget II, Flashpoint, Forgotten Worlds, Fushigi no Oshiro Pit Pot, Gaegujangi Kkachi, Galactic Protector, Galaxy Force, Ghost House, Ghostbusters, Ghouls'n Ghosts, Global Gladiators, Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior, Great Baseball, Great Baseball - Japan, Great Basketball, Heavyweight Champ, High School! Kimengumi, Hokuto no Ken, Home alone, Hook, Joe Montana Football, Jurassic Park, Krusty's Fun House, Kung Fu Kid, Land of Illusion, Legend of Illusion, Lemmings, Loretta no Shouzou - Sherlock Holmes, Mahjong Sengoku Jidai, Master of Darkness, Masters of Combat, Megumi Rescue, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, Montezuma's Revenge, My Hero, Nekkyu Koshien, Olympic Gold, Out Run Europa, Paperboy, Penguin Adventure, PGA TOUR Golf, Phantasy Star, Pit-Fighter, Poseidon Wars 3-D, Predator 2, Prince of Persia, Pro Wrestling, Psycho Fox, Psychic World, Quest for the Shaven Yak, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rastan, Renegade, Rescue Mission, RoboCop 3, Rygar, Satellite-7, Scramble Spirits, Sega Chess, Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi, Shadow of the Beast, Shinobi, Slap Shot, Solomon no Kagi, Sonic Blast, Sonic Chaos, Sonic's Edusoft, Speedball, Speedball 2, SpellCaster, Star Wars, Street Fighter II, Street Hero, Street Master, Streets of Rage, Streets of Rage II, Submarine Attack, Sukeban Deka II: Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu, Super Boy I, Super Boy II, Super Boy III, Super Boy IV, Super Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP II, Super Racing, Superman: The Man of Steel, Taz-Mania, Taz in Escape from Mars, Tecmo World Cup '93, The Dinosaur Dooley, The Flash, The Flintstones, The Incredible Hulk, The Lucky Dime Caper, The Ottifants, The Smurfs, The Smurfs travel the World, The Story of Mio, The Terminator, The Three Dragon Story, Time Soldiers, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, Trivial Pursuit, Ultimate Soccer, Vigilante, Wanted, Winter Olympics, Wonsiin, Woody Pop, World Class Leader Board Golf, X-Men: Mojo World, Zillion, Zillion II: The Tri Formation

Prince of Persia for Sega Master System

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The fifth year anniversary

Today is the fifth year anniversary of the day I started working on Pantheon. I started this project just for fun, and I decided to make Atari 2600 emulator first, because I thought it will be easy. I was so wrong and it took me more than six months to make first version of emulator. I also had to develop everything else: sound and graphics engine, user interface, debugger... and in 2011, first Pantheon was released: version 0.048 with less than fifty Atari 2600 games. Not very exciting, but the large majority of work was done. Three months later, new version of Pantheon with Atari 5200 emulator was released. Since then, I made more than twenty emulators, but only 14 are included in Pantheon at the moment.

Since 2014, I am more focused on games than on emulators. I try to add as many games as possible to each release, because that is what Pantheon is about. My goal is not to create perfect emulators with dozens of different options (there's already enough of that), but to create an environment that will allow you to play different games from the past. Games that are still popular and games that have almost been forgotten.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pantheon 3.270 has been released

Pantheon 3.270 is now available. Release notes:
-several download links fixed
-games for Acorn Electron: 3D Bomb Alley, 3D Dotty, 3D Tank Zone, 747, 9 classic card and board games 1, 9 classic card and board games 2, Abyss, Alien Break-In, Alphatron, Arena 3000, Astro Plumber, Balloon Buster, Bandits at 3 o'clock, Barbarian, Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax, Blagger, Blitzkrieg, BlockBusters, BlockBusters Goldrun, Boffin, Bonecruncher, Bouncing Bombs, Breakthrough, Brian Jack's Superstar challenge, Bugs, Bumble Bee, Castle Assault, Caterpillar, Centibug, Chip Buster, Circus Games, Classic arcade games, Clogger, Colossus 4 Bridge, Colossus Chess 4.0, Commando, Cosmic camouflage, Crazy Tracer, Croaker, Crystal Castles, Custard Pie Figh, Cylon Attack, Dallas, Dare Devil Dennis, Darts, DeathStar, Diamond Mine, Diamond Mine 2, Dunjunz, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Elixir, Empire, Er-bert, Fighter Pilot, Firebug, Football Manager, Frankenstein 2000, Freefall, Froot Raid, Fruit Catcher, Fruit Machine Simulator, Galactic Patrol, Gatecrasher, Gisburne's Castle, Go, Gorph, Grid Iron, Grid Iron 2, Gunsmoke, Gyroscope, Heathrow ATC, Hercules, Holed Out, Holed Out - Extra Couses 1, Holed Out - Extra Couses 2, Hopper, Hunchback, Hyperball, Hyperdrive, Icarus, Ice Hockey, Impact, Impossible Mission, Indoor Sports, Inertia, Intergalactic trader, Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy 2, Joey, Jungle Jive, Kane, Karate Combat, Killapede, Killer Gorilla, Killer Gorilla 2, Kourtyard, Laser Reflex, Lemming Syndrome, Loony Loco, Lunar Rescue, Mango, Master Break, Mikie, Mined-Out, Mineshaft, Missile Control, Monkey Nuts, MoonRaider, Mouse Trap, Mr. Wiz, Network, Nightmare Maze, Omega Orb, Panik!, Paperboy, Peg Leg, Pengi, Percy Penguin, Pipemania, Plan B, Plan B2, Planetoid, Poker, Psycastria, Psycastria 2, Q-Bix, Quest, Ransack, Ravenskull, Repton 2, Repton 3, Repton: Around the World, Repton: Thru Time, Repton: Infinity, Return of R2, Rig Attack, Rik the Roadie, Roboto, Rubble Trouble, Saigon, SAS Commander, Savage Pond, Shark Attack, Sim, Skyhawk, Smash and Grab, Snake, Snooker, Space Agent Zelda, Space Ranger, Spaceman Sid, Space Invaders, Spectipede, Sphere of Destiny, Sphere of Destiny 2, Spycat, Squeakaliser, Stairway to Hell, Star Force Seven, Star Port, Star Wars, Starship Command, Stix, Stock Car, Stormcycle, Stryker's Run, Survivors, Tank Attack, Tarzan Boy, Tempest, Templeton, Tennis, Test Match, Tetris, The Last Ninja, The Last Ninja 2, The Last of the Free, Thrust, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, U.K. PM., Ultron, U.S. Drag Racing, Video Pinball, Vindaloo, Walk the Plank, Warp-1, White Magic, Whoopsy, Winter Olympics, Woks, Wongo, Xanagrams, Yie Ar King-Fu, Yie Ar King-Fu 2, Zenon

Plan B2 for Acorn Electron

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Commodore computers

I've recently started to work on emulation of Commodore computers. Commodore PET and Commodore VIC20 are relatively simple computers and both emulators are working fine. Commodore C64 is far more complex and I still need few months to complete the emulator. Certain games are running, but without sound.

Adventureland for Commodore PET

Abductor for Commodore VIC20

Congo Bongo for Commodore C64

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pantheon 3.074 has been released

New version of Pantheon is already available. Download it and play 62 games for Mattel Intellivision: Adventures of Tron, Air Strike, Apple Catcher, Armor Battle, Beauty and the Beast, Blockade Runner, Blow Out, BurgerTime, Carnival, Championship Tennis, Checkers, Chip Shot - Super Pro Golf, Defender, Demon Attack, Dig Dug, Dracula, Frog Bog, Frogger, GoSub, Grid Shock, Happy Trails, Hard Hat, Horse Racing, Hypnotic Lights, Ice Trek, King of the Mountain, Lady Bug, Las Vegas Poker and Blackjack, Las Vegas Roulette, League of Light, Lock 'N' Chase, Microsurgeon, Minehunter, Mission X, NASL Soccer, NBA Basketball, Night Stalker, Pac-Man, PBA Bowling, Ping, Pitfall!, Popeye, Q-bert, Reversi, River Raid, Robot Rubble, Safecracker, Shape Escape, Simon4, Snafu, Stack 'Em!, Stampede, Super Cobra, Swords & Serpents, Takeover, Tetris, Turbo, Tutankham, USCF Chess, Venture, Yogi's Frustration, Zaxxon

Tutankham for Mattel Intellivision

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mattel Intellivision ECS and Intellivoice

Mattel Intellivision emulator is ready, and I've already included 50 Intellivision games. Most of the games are working fine and are fun to play, but there are still certain games, that don't work or cannot be played, because they require either Intellivoice or Entertainment Computer System, or both. Only few games require these add-ons, but I'll do my best to make them work.

The Jetsons: Ways With Words for Mattel Intellivision ECS

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pantheon 3.012 has been released

New Pantheon is available for download. 292 games for Atari 8-bit computers will keep you busy until the next release: 1040 Terminator, 3-D Maze Escape, A.R.O.P., ABC, Action Pinball, Adventure, Agonia, Air Hockey, Algebra Quiz I, Algebra Quiz II, Alien, Alien Bugs, Alpha Shield, Alphabet Bee, Amphibian!, Androton, Angle Worms, Animated Puzzle, Aquatron, Ardy the Aardvark, Arkadia, Assault Force 3-D, Asteroids, Astro Road, Astron IX, Atari Karate, Atarian Attack, AURA Ball, Avalanche, Axis Assassin, Backgammon, Bagels, Banzai, Barahir, Bats, Battlefield, Beef Drop, Bilbo, Bird Eggs, Black Lamp, Blind Chicken, Blockaboo!, Bomb, Bomb Escape, Bomb Run, Bowling, Breakthrough, Bros, Buffalo Stampede, Bumper!, Callisto, Captain Cosmo, Capture the Alien, Casino, Castle Eayor, Castle Morgue, Cave-Man, Ceres, Chasseur, Chopper Mission, Chuckie Egg, Closeout!, Cobra Raccce...!, Collapse, Combat Chess, Computer Facts in Five, Copter Cave, Cosmic Defender, Cosmos, Crazy Clown Jumper, Cube, Cubic Games, Dan Strikes Back, Daredevil!, De Re Pac-Man, Dedridge Castle, Deluxe Invaders, Desert Quest, Devil's Domain, Dice Poker, Dicey, Dodge Racer, Double Decker, Dragon Castle, Dratewka the Shoemaker, Dreadnought, Drop It!, Duellin' Droid, Early games for young children, Electric Starfish, Elevator Repairman, Emulator, Entrepreneur Jungle, Escape from Barnaby's Isle, Escape from Epsilon, Evader, Excalibur, Famous Sayings Hangman, Fatum, Fire Bug, Fire Man, Five Card Draw Poker, Flapper, Flop and Flip, Flying Ace, Forbidden Forest, Fortress Underground, Fraction Fever, Frazee, Froggie, Fruit Pickin', Fun with Spelling, Function Machine, G.F.S. Sorceress, GAG, Galaxia, Gallery of Death, Gardner Game, Gauntletak, Gigablast, Goble-Snake, Gold Hunter, Gold Rush!, GoMoku, Grab an Apple, Gridrunner, Gridwars, Gumballs, Gunpowder Charlie, Hammurabi, He is Risen, Hearts, Heli Killer, HexxagonXE, Hlavolam 1, Hlavolam 2, House of Secrets, Hunchback, Hurdle Jumper, Hyperblast!, Imagine, Infiltrator: The Adventure, Inter Galleon Battle, Ja-Jo, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, Jr. Pac-Man, Jungle Hunt, Kalah, Kay Ball, Kerzenheinz, Keymatics, Klepht's Castle, Knicker-Bockers, Kooky's Quest, Kubert, Landscape, Lawkeeper, Lazer Feds, Leggit!, Let's Hop, Life in the Fast Lane, Little Frog, Logic Master, Loops of Zen, Lunar Patrol, Mad Masons, Major League Hockey, Maniac Mover!, Mastermind, Match Up!, Math Mileage, Matta Blatta, Maze Race, Memorice, Microx, Mines!, Mongo, Monstrum, Moogles, Moonstone, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mysterious Adventure: 5. Escape from Pulsar 7, Mysterious Adventure: 6. Circus, Nemo's Vault, Nibbler, Night Driver, Nuclear Reactor, Numberland Nightwatch, Oczko, Olympiad, Operation Whirlwind, Orson, Pac Boulder, Pac-Mac, Pandemonium, Pathfinder, Perly Szeherezady, Pie Hunter, Pinhead, Plaque Man, Poker Party, Poker Solitare, Porky's, Princess and Frog, Professional Golf, Puzzler, Pyramid, Q.T., Quadrato, Quest for the Ramones, Quicktrack, Race in Space, Raiders of Space, Rat Race, Reardoor, Repossed, Reversi, Rick Hanson, Robbo, Rocketball, Rockmania, Rockslide!, Ruins, Santa's Boulder Dash Party, Satalite, Seafox, Sentinel I, Shark, Shootout at the OK Galaxy, Simon!, Skoczek, Sleazy Adventure, Snake Attack, Soko-Ban, Space Attack, Space Gunner, Spaceship Captain, Speed Matter, Spelldiver, Spelunker, Springer, Squares, Star Bird, Star Raiders II, Starbrite BBS, Starsquare, Stonequest, Stratos, Super Cobra, Swapz, Taipei XL, Tarzan of the Apes, Temple of Darkness, Test Drive, The Adventure of Dancing Dragon, The Big House, The Citadel, The Curse of the Pharaoh, The Jet, The Living Daylights, The Mansbie Quest, The Nutty Professor, The Snapper, Thief, Threshold, Time Typist, Timeslip, To the Rescue, Tournament Checkers, Track Star, Tricky Cubes, Trivia Unlimited, Trix, Turn the Tables, Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump, Unscramble, Unscramble II, Valiant, Valley of the Kings, Vektor, Videostop, Voyage to Home, War Games, Warlords, Wavy Navy, Wild Strawberries, Wireball, Word Search, Xagon, Zand's Labyrinth

Joe Blade for Atari 8-bit computers

Monday, April 13, 2015

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator still in development

In last few months, I've made some significant improvements in Sega Genesis/Mega Drive emulator. The sound is working fine now and the emulator supports SRAM. Most of the games are working fine, but there are still some problems with certain games. I will also have to make some performance optimizations, before this emulator is ready for release.

The next release of Pantheon is almost ready, there are still certain things to do, but I hope it will be ready at the end of this week.

Out Run for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Earthworm Jim for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mattel Intellivision emulator in development

I've been working on the next release of Pantheon for the last few weeks. I've added more than one hundred games for Atari 8-bit computers and made some small improvements in emulator. From time to time, I focus on the development of Mattel Intellivision emulator, which is not 100% accurate at the moment, but a lot of games are working fine. I hope you will be able to play some Mattel Intellivision games soon.

Lady Bug for Mattel Intellivision

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Atari 8-bit computers are next

I am already working on the new release of Pantheon. I recently implemented support for multi-disk games and BASIC files and my plan is to add hundreds of Atari 400/800/XL games to Pantheon game library. This will take more time than usual, so the next release of Pantheon will be available in April 2015.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pantheon 2.720 released today

New release of Pantheon is available for download. Visit my website and download it and you will be able to enjoy some of the finest Atari 2600 homebrew games: 1775, 21 Blue, Aborigines Revenge, Adventure 1K, Ants, Arctic Landtran, Atomic Meltdown, Ball-Crip, Because It's There, Bifröst, Blinky Goes Up, Bombs Away, Brik, Candy Catcher, Catch a Coin, Cave In, Cave Ropes, ChipOff, Copter Commander, Dancer, Deimos Lander, Delta Force Sniper, Denderes Violence, Doris, Dungeon, Eat Dem Bananaz, Eliminator, Flip Out, Galactopus, GoSub II, Hunchy, Incoming, Insane Painter, JetMan, Jex, Joy Ride, Jungle Monkey, Juno First, Kraken Attack, Lead, Library of Doom!, Lunar Excursion Module, Magic Run, Mega Man, Ms Snake!, Muncher, Nitebear on Sleepystreet, Omicron, Pac-Man 4K, Paint the Town Red, Pig, Pitch'n Catch, Point Zero, RoadBlaster, Robot City, Rocket Pod, Sdioretsa, Sewer Cleaner, Smiley, Solar Nexus, Squared Away, Star Hawk, Stranglehand, Strip-Off, SuperPong, Terminator, Terrance & Phillip: Asses of Fire, Terrance & Phillip: Not Without my Anus, The Tin Man, Tint, Top Gun, Tower Zone, Underwater Predator, Zeta

Lead for Atari 2600

Friday, January 2, 2015

Atari 2600 homebrews

The next release of Pantheon will be all about Atari 2600 games. Again? Yes, but this time I will try to bring you the best from Atari 2600 homebrew scene. Pantheon already has several home-made games (Elevators Amiss, Hunchy 2...) in his library, but there are a lot more available. During this new years holiday I added almost 30 homebrew games to Atari 2600 game library, and I can only say: not bad. Not bad at all!

Cave In by Steve Engelhardt for Atari 2600