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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pantheon 3.270 has been released

Pantheon 3.270 is now available. Release notes:
-several download links fixed
-games for Acorn Electron: 3D Bomb Alley, 3D Dotty, 3D Tank Zone, 747, 9 classic card and board games 1, 9 classic card and board games 2, Abyss, Alien Break-In, Alphatron, Arena 3000, Astro Plumber, Balloon Buster, Bandits at 3 o'clock, Barbarian, Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax, Blagger, Blitzkrieg, BlockBusters, BlockBusters Goldrun, Boffin, Bonecruncher, Bouncing Bombs, Breakthrough, Brian Jack's Superstar challenge, Bugs, Bumble Bee, Castle Assault, Caterpillar, Centibug, Chip Buster, Circus Games, Classic arcade games, Clogger, Colossus 4 Bridge, Colossus Chess 4.0, Commando, Cosmic camouflage, Crazy Tracer, Croaker, Crystal Castles, Custard Pie Figh, Cylon Attack, Dallas, Dare Devil Dennis, Darts, DeathStar, Diamond Mine, Diamond Mine 2, Dunjunz, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Elixir, Empire, Er-bert, Fighter Pilot, Firebug, Football Manager, Frankenstein 2000, Freefall, Froot Raid, Fruit Catcher, Fruit Machine Simulator, Galactic Patrol, Gatecrasher, Gisburne's Castle, Go, Gorph, Grid Iron, Grid Iron 2, Gunsmoke, Gyroscope, Heathrow ATC, Hercules, Holed Out, Holed Out - Extra Couses 1, Holed Out - Extra Couses 2, Hopper, Hunchback, Hyperball, Hyperdrive, Icarus, Ice Hockey, Impact, Impossible Mission, Indoor Sports, Inertia, Intergalactic trader, Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy 2, Joey, Jungle Jive, Kane, Karate Combat, Killapede, Killer Gorilla, Killer Gorilla 2, Kourtyard, Laser Reflex, Lemming Syndrome, Loony Loco, Lunar Rescue, Mango, Master Break, Mikie, Mined-Out, Mineshaft, Missile Control, Monkey Nuts, MoonRaider, Mouse Trap, Mr. Wiz, Network, Nightmare Maze, Omega Orb, Panik!, Paperboy, Peg Leg, Pengi, Percy Penguin, Pipemania, Plan B, Plan B2, Planetoid, Poker, Psycastria, Psycastria 2, Q-Bix, Quest, Ransack, Ravenskull, Repton 2, Repton 3, Repton: Around the World, Repton: Thru Time, Repton: Infinity, Return of R2, Rig Attack, Rik the Roadie, Roboto, Rubble Trouble, Saigon, SAS Commander, Savage Pond, Shark Attack, Sim, Skyhawk, Smash and Grab, Snake, Snooker, Space Agent Zelda, Space Ranger, Spaceman Sid, Space Invaders, Spectipede, Sphere of Destiny, Sphere of Destiny 2, Spycat, Squeakaliser, Stairway to Hell, Star Force Seven, Star Port, Star Wars, Starship Command, Stix, Stock Car, Stormcycle, Stryker's Run, Survivors, Tank Attack, Tarzan Boy, Tempest, Templeton, Tennis, Test Match, Tetris, The Last Ninja, The Last Ninja 2, The Last of the Free, Thrust, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, U.K. PM., Ultron, U.S. Drag Racing, Video Pinball, Vindaloo, Walk the Plank, Warp-1, White Magic, Whoopsy, Winter Olympics, Woks, Wongo, Xanagrams, Yie Ar King-Fu, Yie Ar King-Fu 2, Zenon

Plan B2 for Acorn Electron

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