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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The fifth year anniversary

Today is the fifth year anniversary of the day I started working on Pantheon. I started this project just for fun, and I decided to make Atari 2600 emulator first, because I thought it will be easy. I was so wrong and it took me more than six months to make first version of emulator. I also had to develop everything else: sound and graphics engine, user interface, debugger... and in 2011, first Pantheon was released: version 0.048 with less than fifty Atari 2600 games. Not very exciting, but the large majority of work was done. Three months later, new version of Pantheon with Atari 5200 emulator was released. Since then, I made more than twenty emulators, but only 14 are included in Pantheon at the moment.

Since 2014, I am more focused on games than on emulators. I try to add as many games as possible to each release, because that is what Pantheon is about. My goal is not to create perfect emulators with dozens of different options (there's already enough of that), but to create an environment that will allow you to play different games from the past. Games that are still popular and games that have almost been forgotten.

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