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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pantheon 3.012 has been released

New Pantheon is available for download. 292 games for Atari 8-bit computers will keep you busy until the next release: 1040 Terminator, 3-D Maze Escape, A.R.O.P., ABC, Action Pinball, Adventure, Agonia, Air Hockey, Algebra Quiz I, Algebra Quiz II, Alien, Alien Bugs, Alpha Shield, Alphabet Bee, Amphibian!, Androton, Angle Worms, Animated Puzzle, Aquatron, Ardy the Aardvark, Arkadia, Assault Force 3-D, Asteroids, Astro Road, Astron IX, Atari Karate, Atarian Attack, AURA Ball, Avalanche, Axis Assassin, Backgammon, Bagels, Banzai, Barahir, Bats, Battlefield, Beef Drop, Bilbo, Bird Eggs, Black Lamp, Blind Chicken, Blockaboo!, Bomb, Bomb Escape, Bomb Run, Bowling, Breakthrough, Bros, Buffalo Stampede, Bumper!, Callisto, Captain Cosmo, Capture the Alien, Casino, Castle Eayor, Castle Morgue, Cave-Man, Ceres, Chasseur, Chopper Mission, Chuckie Egg, Closeout!, Cobra Raccce...!, Collapse, Combat Chess, Computer Facts in Five, Copter Cave, Cosmic Defender, Cosmos, Crazy Clown Jumper, Cube, Cubic Games, Dan Strikes Back, Daredevil!, De Re Pac-Man, Dedridge Castle, Deluxe Invaders, Desert Quest, Devil's Domain, Dice Poker, Dicey, Dodge Racer, Double Decker, Dragon Castle, Dratewka the Shoemaker, Dreadnought, Drop It!, Duellin' Droid, Early games for young children, Electric Starfish, Elevator Repairman, Emulator, Entrepreneur Jungle, Escape from Barnaby's Isle, Escape from Epsilon, Evader, Excalibur, Famous Sayings Hangman, Fatum, Fire Bug, Fire Man, Five Card Draw Poker, Flapper, Flop and Flip, Flying Ace, Forbidden Forest, Fortress Underground, Fraction Fever, Frazee, Froggie, Fruit Pickin', Fun with Spelling, Function Machine, G.F.S. Sorceress, GAG, Galaxia, Gallery of Death, Gardner Game, Gauntletak, Gigablast, Goble-Snake, Gold Hunter, Gold Rush!, GoMoku, Grab an Apple, Gridrunner, Gridwars, Gumballs, Gunpowder Charlie, Hammurabi, He is Risen, Hearts, Heli Killer, HexxagonXE, Hlavolam 1, Hlavolam 2, House of Secrets, Hunchback, Hurdle Jumper, Hyperblast!, Imagine, Infiltrator: The Adventure, Inter Galleon Battle, Ja-Jo, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, Jr. Pac-Man, Jungle Hunt, Kalah, Kay Ball, Kerzenheinz, Keymatics, Klepht's Castle, Knicker-Bockers, Kooky's Quest, Kubert, Landscape, Lawkeeper, Lazer Feds, Leggit!, Let's Hop, Life in the Fast Lane, Little Frog, Logic Master, Loops of Zen, Lunar Patrol, Mad Masons, Major League Hockey, Maniac Mover!, Mastermind, Match Up!, Math Mileage, Matta Blatta, Maze Race, Memorice, Microx, Mines!, Mongo, Monstrum, Moogles, Moonstone, Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Mysterious Adventure: 5. Escape from Pulsar 7, Mysterious Adventure: 6. Circus, Nemo's Vault, Nibbler, Night Driver, Nuclear Reactor, Numberland Nightwatch, Oczko, Olympiad, Operation Whirlwind, Orson, Pac Boulder, Pac-Mac, Pandemonium, Pathfinder, Perly Szeherezady, Pie Hunter, Pinhead, Plaque Man, Poker Party, Poker Solitare, Porky's, Princess and Frog, Professional Golf, Puzzler, Pyramid, Q.T., Quadrato, Quest for the Ramones, Quicktrack, Race in Space, Raiders of Space, Rat Race, Reardoor, Repossed, Reversi, Rick Hanson, Robbo, Rocketball, Rockmania, Rockslide!, Ruins, Santa's Boulder Dash Party, Satalite, Seafox, Sentinel I, Shark, Shootout at the OK Galaxy, Simon!, Skoczek, Sleazy Adventure, Snake Attack, Soko-Ban, Space Attack, Space Gunner, Spaceship Captain, Speed Matter, Spelldiver, Spelunker, Springer, Squares, Star Bird, Star Raiders II, Starbrite BBS, Starsquare, Stonequest, Stratos, Super Cobra, Swapz, Taipei XL, Tarzan of the Apes, Temple of Darkness, Test Drive, The Adventure of Dancing Dragon, The Big House, The Citadel, The Curse of the Pharaoh, The Jet, The Living Daylights, The Mansbie Quest, The Nutty Professor, The Snapper, Thief, Threshold, Time Typist, Timeslip, To the Rescue, Tournament Checkers, Track Star, Tricky Cubes, Trivia Unlimited, Trix, Turn the Tables, Uncle Henry's Nuclear Waste Dump, Unscramble, Unscramble II, Valiant, Valley of the Kings, Vektor, Videostop, Voyage to Home, War Games, Warlords, Wavy Navy, Wild Strawberries, Wireball, Word Search, Xagon, Zand's Labyrinth

Joe Blade for Atari 8-bit computers

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