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Monday, September 28, 2015

Pantheon 3.650 has been released

Pantheon 3.650 is now available. Release notes:
-games for Acorn BBC Micro: 3D Dotty, 3D Space Raider, 3D Space Ranger, 747, 9 classic card and board games 1, 9 classic card and board games 2, AdventureScape, AdventureSoft, Alien Break-In, Alien Swirl, Android Attack, Apocalypse, Arena 3000, Asteroids Deluxe, Astro Plumber, Aviator, Balloon Buster, Banana Man, Beeb Beep, BeebMunch!, Birds of Prey, Birdstrike, Blokkendoos, Bonecruncher, Bug Blaster, Bun Fun, Castle Assault, Castle Blackstar, Cavey, Chess 2.31, Chip Buster, City Defence, Classic arcade games, Colditz, Cookie, Cosmic camouflage, Cosmic Cruiser, Crawler, Croaker, Cyborg Warriors, Death's Head Hole, Demon Decorator, Diamond Pete, Donkey Kong Junior, Dracula Adventure, Drain Mania, Draughts, Draughts Challenger, Dunjunz, Eastwood Manor, Eldorado Gold, Electron Invaders, Emlyn Hughes arcade quiz, Enigma, Er-bert, Evil Dead, Exterminator, F-14 Tomcat, Fantasia Diamond, Fighter Pilot, Flip!, Flipper, Frankenstein 2000, Froggy, Funfair, Galactic Commander, Galactic Patrol, Galaxy Wars, Gambit, Gatecrasher, Go, Golf, Gremlins, Guardian, Gunfighter, Hangman, Hercules, Hex: the Legend of Vianna, Hi-Q-Quiz, Honest Joe, Hunkidory, Hyperdrive, Ian Botham's Test Match, Impact, Inner Space, Invaders, Jet-Boot Jack, Jet Power Jack, Jigsaw, Johnny Reb, Junior Maths - Part 1, Junior Maths - Part 2, Karl's Kavern, Laser Letters, Laser Reflex, Ledgeman, Lemming Syndrome, Light Cycle, Lost in Space, Lunar Lander, Mad Monty, Martian Attack, Mayday, Maze Man, Meteor Mission, Mineshaft, Missile Control, Mission XP2, Monkey Nuts, Moon Mission, Moon Raider, Morfix, Mr. Mephisto, Mr. Wiz, Nevryon, Night Strike, Nightflite, Ogles, Oxbridge, Pantry Antics, Pengwyn, Pentominoes, PiMania, Pirates in Space, Plague Planet, Poker, Polaris, Positron, Protector, Q-Bert, Q-Master, Quest for the Holy Grail, Ransack, Rebel Planet, Repton: Infinity, Return of R2, Revenge of Zor, Ricochet, Robotron: 2084, Roulette, Saigon, Santa's Delivery, Science Fiction Quiz, Screwball, Secret Sam 1, Secret Sam 2, Shape Match, Shove-It, Shuttle Simulator, Sidefighter, Skyhawk, Sliding-Block Puzzles, Snacker, Snooker, Soccer Boss, Son of Blagger, Space Adventure, Space Adventure 1, Space Fighter, Space Ranger, Sphenisciformes, Spooksville, Spycat, Squeakaliser, Stairway to Hell, Star Force Seven, Star Trek, Star Wars, Starforce Lander, Starship Command, Stormcycle, Stranded, Stranded!, Stratobomber, Street Patroller, Strip Poker, Super Fruit, Super Golf, Survivor, Syncron, System 15000, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Tanks, Tarzan, Tarzan Boy, The Atlantic Coast Express, The Devil's Domain, The Five, The Genesis Project, The Golden Figurine, The Inter-City, The Life of Repton, The Mystery of the Lost Sheep, The Pines Express, The Red Arrows, The Ring of Time, The Seventh Star, The Survivors, The Wizard's Challenge, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, Timetrek, Trapper, Treasure Hunt, U.S. Drag Racing, Vampire Castle, Village of Lost Souls, Wall, Weetabix versus the Titchies, Wet Zone, White Knight Chess, Whoopsy, Wiggles, Wonder Worm, World Geography, Xanadu Cottage, Zany Kong, Zombies

Stairway to Hell for Acorn BBC Micro

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