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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pantheon 4.750 has been released

Pantheon 4.750 is available for download. This version brings you more than 250 games for Acorn Electron computer. I've also made some improvements on GUI and other emulators. Games in this release:

3D Pool, 747 Flight Simulator, Accordion, Adventure, Adventure Anthology, Airline, Alphaswap, Arcade Soccer, Atom Smash, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Backgammon, Bar Billiards, Battle 1917, Battlefields, Battlezone 2000, Beach Head, BeebTrek, Blood of the Mutineers, Blue Dragon, Bobby Charlton Soccer, Boxer, BreakFree, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Bruce Forsyth's: Play your cards right, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, Bullseye, Bun Fun, Bunny Blitz, Castle Frankenstein, Castle of Riddles, Castle of Sand, Castlemaze Adventure, Caveman, Caveman Capers, Cavern Capers, Classic Adventure, Codebreaker, Combat Lynx, Commonwealth Games, Confuzion, Contract Bridge, Cops n' Robbers, Corn Cropper, Corporate Climber, Crazee Rider, Cricket, Crown Jewels, Cyborg Warriors, Day at the Races, Denis through the Drinking Glass, Depotmaster: Finsbury Park, Depotmaster: Old Oak Common, Despatch Rider, Dicer!, Dodgy Geezers, Dogfight, Dominoes, Dracula Island, Druid's Circle, Elite, English Civil War, Enigma, Fantasia Diamond, Fire Island, FirienWood, First Moves Chess, Fishing, Flight Path 737, Footballer of the Year, Fortune Valley, Frak, Fruit Machine, Fruit Worm, Future Shock, Galactic Commander, Galadriel in Distress, Galilee, Gauntlet, Gin Rummy, Goal!, Graham Gooch Match Cricket, Grand Prix, Grebit, Greedy Dwarf, Gunfighter, Hampstead, Haunted House, Helter Skelter, Hex: the Legend of Vianna, Hi-Lo, Hi-Q-Quiz, Horse Race, Hostages, Howzat, Hunkidory, Ian Botham's Test Match, Indoor Soccer, Inner Space, Invasion Force, Jam Butty, Johnny Reb, Jumper, Karate Warrior, Kayleth, Kingdom of Klein, Kissin' Kousins, Knockout, Lander, Licenced to Kill, Locks of Luck, Locomotion, Lunar Invasion, Maniac Mower, Manic Mole, Maze, Micro Olympics, Millionaire, Missile Jammer, Mission XP2, Moneymaze, Monsters, Mr. Freeze, Myorem, Night Strike, Oxbridge, Paint Roller, Parachute, Paras, Parky's Peril, Pedro, Pengwyn, Pettigrew's Diary, Pharaoh's Tomb, Philosopher's Quest, Pinball Arcade, Pipeline, Piquet, Plane Crash, Playbox: Hangman, Playbox: Memory, Playbox: Bricksmash, Plunder, Pony Express, Pool Hall, Predator, Pro Golf, Project Thesius, Quest for the Holy Grail, Rally Driver, Reaction Tester, Rebel Planet, Red Coats, Return of the Warrior, Revenge of Zor, Rick Hanson, Ricochet, Robin of Sherwood, Rockfall, Roman Empire, Row of Four, Runestaff, Sadim Castle, Serpent's Lair, Shark, Shedmaster: Bounds Green, Shedmaster: Finsbury Park, Shuffle, Shuttle Simulator, Sim City, Skramble, Snap Dragon, Snowball, Soccer Supremo!, Solitaire, South Devon Hydraulics, Space Caverns, Space Hike, Space Station Alpha, Special Operations, SpellBinder, Spheroids, Sphinx Adventure, Spitfire '40, Spy vs Spy, Star Drifter, Star Fighter Pilot, Star Maze, Steve Davis Snooker, Stranded, Stranded on Iloofrax, Stratobomber, Strip Poker II+, Super Golf, Super Hanger, Super Hangman, Super Pool, Super Spy Flint, Super Spy Flint II: Return of Flint, Super Spy Flint III: Flint strikes back, Superior Soccer, Superman the Game, Survivor, Syncron, Terrormolinos, Thai Boxing, The Banished Prince, The Big K.O., The Eye of Zolton, The Ferryman Awaits, The Five Doctors, The Five Stones of Anadon, The Golf, The Great Wall, The Hacker, The Hexagram of Trutania Valley, The Hunt: Search for Shauna, The Inca Treasure, The Ket Trilogy, The Life of Repton, The Lost Treasure of King Raybon, The Magic Sword, The Mystery of the Java Star, The Nine Dancers, The Philosopher's Stone, The Prophecy, The Puppet Man, The Ring of Time, The Sea Queen, The Search for Princess Lavinia, The Staff of Law, The Stolen Lamp, The Twin Orbs of Aalinor, The Valley, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Tomb of Death, Trapper, Treasure Hunt, Tunnel Adventure, Twin Kingdom Valley, Underground Adventure, Valley of the Kings, Vegas Jackpot, Video Card Arcade, Video Classics, Village of Lost Souls, Waterloo, West, Wheel of Fortune, White Knight Mk11, Winter Olympiad '88, Wizard Adventure, Wizzys Mansion, Woodbury End, Woodland Terror, Wychwood, Xadomy, Ziggy, Zorakk the Conqueror

Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games for Acorn Electron

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