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Friday, February 19, 2016

Pantheon 4.268 has been released

Pantheon 4.268 is now available for download. This version brings you 388 games for Atari 8-bit computers:

747 Landing Simulator, A-Rogue, Achtung Panza!, Advent X-5, Afro Ball, Alex, Alf in the Color Caves, Andromeda, Arcade Fruit Machine, Archon, Archon II - Adept, Astrowarriors, Ataroid, Aztec Challenge, Back in Time, Balloonacy, Beach Head, Beach Head II, Bellum, Biker Dave, Blast!, Bomb Squad!, Break-Out, Breakin, BridgePro, Bubble, Bug Attack, Camel, Canuck Pinball, Carnival Massacre, Castle, Cave Crisis, Caverns of Mars II, Cecil, Cecil II, Change, Checkers, Chopper, Citadel Warrior, Clowns and Balloons, Computer Chess, Computerized Yahtzee, Cosmic Hero, Crazy Cobra, Crypts of Terror, Dambusters, Danger Ranger, Danny's Mirror Magic, Death Zone, Depth Charge, Diamond Dave, Doggies, Dragon's Lair, Drelbs, Droids, Dyna Blaster, Eggard, Egypt Ball!, Encounter at Questar IV, Epidemic!, Eryus, Escape from Hell!, Escape to Equatus, Everest Explorer, Fastgammon, Fire, Fire Chief, Fireball!, Flags of Europe, Football Manager, Fortune Hunter, Fuzzy, G Men, Gangsters, Genesis, Ghostly Goblins, Go, Golf Challenge, Good King Zurp, Grateful Dead, Greedy Caterpillars, Greener than You Think!, Groove, Guard, Gun Law, Guy Fawkes, Happy Wheeler, Hard Hat Mack, Hawk Fire, Helicopter Round-Up, Helix, Hijack!, Home Pong, Hookey!, Hopper, Horse Play, How Nice for You, Dear, Humanoid, Incydent, Inny Swiat, Interstar, Ion Power, Jack the Digger, Jaffar, Jewel Bits, Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts, Joy Ride, JR's Dots, Juggles' House, Juggles' Rainbow, Jumbo Jet Pilot, Jumpman, K-bert, Karateka, Kernaw, Keystone Kapers, Kid Grid, Kidnapped, King of the Castle, King Tut's Tomb, Knobs and Knockers, Korellian Conflict, Kvadryk, Labyrinth Run, Laser Barrage, LaserMaze, Lazer Type, Leap Frog!, Leaper, Leaps and Bounds!, Lemonade, Little Green Thingies from Space, Livewire!, Logic, Loops DX, Lords of Karma, Mad Marble, Magia, Magnetix, Maniac Miner, Marble Magic, Marbles, Marketing Adventure, MasterMatch, Maszyna Czasu, Math Wizard, Matsch, Matterhorn, Maze Munch, Mean 18, Mediator, Megagun, Memory Match, Meteor, Mickey in the Great Outdoors, Micro Chess, MicroMan, Mike's Casino, Mike's Pinball, Miner 2059er, Miny, Miny V2.0, Missile Action, Missing... One Droid, Modem Magic, Money Bags, Monkey Up a Tree, Moon Lander, Mordon's Quest, Motocross 800, Mouse Trap, Mr. Grumpy, Mysterious Adventure: 7. Feasibility Experiment, Mysterious Adventure: 8. The Wizard of Akyrz, Nadral, Nautilus, Neron, New York City - The Big Apple, Nim, Nineball, North Shore AmisBall, Nuts Junior, Ogre, OK Corral, Omar, Operation Sabotage, Orbit, Otello, Pacemaker, Pacific Coast Highway, Pakman's Brother's Revenge, Panic Express, Paper Chase, Paris in Danger, Pebbles, Periscope Up!, Perxor, Pinball Monster, Pirate Pond, Plasma, PlatterMania, Podman, Poker Squares, Poker Tourney, Pongblast, Popcorn!, Pushover, Pyramid Puzzler, Quest, Questprobe 1: The Incredible Hulk, Questprobe 2: Spiderman, Quintominoes, Rainbow Walker, Reactor Five, Renaissance, Renegade, Rent Wars, Repton, Revenge of V, Revenger, Risky Rescue, Road Jump, Robin Wojownik Czasu, Robix, Rock'n Rhythm, Rockford, Rodent Revenge, Roderic, Roulette Simulator, Round About, Rush Hour, Rycerz, Saddleman, Santa's Grotto, Santa's Revenge, Saper, Schooner, Scromber, Sea Bandit, Secret Agent - Mission One, Sector 10, Serpent, Sexversi, Shadow Hawk One, Shaft Raider, Shafted, Sharkey, Shogi, Shooting Arcade, Shut Down, Sigma Delta Gamma 7, Skarbnik, Skate Crazy, Skirmish, Skull Chase, Slingshot, Slinky!, Smus, Snake Byte, Snakey, Sneakers, Softporn Adventure, Space Ball, Space Eggs, Space Limbo, Space Maze, Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space, Space Station Multiplication, Spaceway, Spark Bugs, Speed Ace, Spider City, Spider Quake, Spooky Castle, Squish 'Em, Star Island, Stardust, Starfield Invasion, Stargate, Stargate Courier, Starion, Starsector Defense, Stellar Shuttle, Stickybear ABC, Stickybear Basketbounce, Stickybear Bop, Stickybear Numbers, Stickybear Opposites, Stickybear Shapes, Straight Jacket, Stratosphere, Streets, Stunt Clown, Sudoku, Summer Games, Super Huey, Supply Blaster, Tagalon, Tanium, Target Practice, Tari Trek, Taxman, Technoid, Termite!, Terror House, Tetricize, Tetris, T.G.I.F, The Big Bump, The Black Forest, The Brave Carpenter, The Computer Solution, The Crypts of Plumbous, The E Factor, The Electroids, The Extirpator!, The Folly of Ezrhar'd Kkhann, The Gladiator, The Goonies, The Jewel, The Last Guardian, The Lone Raider, The Midas Touch, The Nightmare, The Pharaoh's Curse, The Pirate!, The Sands of Egypt, The Search, The Secret of Kyobu Di, The Seven Skulls, The Spy Strikes Back, The Tail of Beta Lyrae, The Valley, The Warsaw Tetris, The World of Pleasure, Thinker, Thunderbombs, Tiger Hunters, Time Bandit, Toboggan Run, Top Secret, Tower, Traffic Panic, Transmuter, Travelers, Treasure Hunt, Trial by Fire!, Trisz Divinis, Trivia Master, Trivia Time, Troll War, Troll War II, Trust, Turbo Worm, Twerps, Uczen Czarnoksieznika, United States Adventure, Valgus2, Vegas Jackpot, Vengeance, Video Poker, Vorrak, Wall War, War-Copter, Warp Zone, Warrior of Ras - The Wylde, Warrior of Ras - Ziggurat, Water Ski School, Wayout, Webster - The Word Game, Weihnachtsspiel, Whistler's Brother, Wimbledon '88, Wizard's Revenge, Wizards and Dragons, Word Hanger, Word Olympics, Wordmaze, Worm Squirm, Wumpus Hunter, Yahtman, Yahtzee, Ye Olde House, Zack, Zeppelin, Zeus, Zipper, Zjadacz

Rockford for Atari 8-bit computers

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