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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Pantheon 5.938 has been released

Emulator of MSX computer now supports tape and disk images, which means a lot more games from this platform will be available in the future. This release also brings you 128 games for MSX computers:

Ace of Aces, Adventure Kid, Alien Bounce, Amazonia, Angma Jidae - Devil Zone, Arkanoid Revenge, Balance, Banana, Block Hole, Booga-Boo, Buck Rogers, Buggle Boggle, Cannon Turbo, Carry, Challenge Derby, Cocos, Colums, Continental Circus, Cyborg Z, Dark Sider, Dawn Patrol, Defcom 1, Devil's Heaven, Diamond Mine II, Door Door MkII, Eagle, Enemy Trap, Exchanger, Farm Kit, Fire Star, Flashpoint, Fruit Machine, Fruit Search, Galaxians, Gang Man, Gekiso Battle, Gozira-Kun, Guardic, Habilit, Harapeko Pakkun, HeliWar, Hole in One Special, Hopper, Hunchback, Hustle! Chumy, Ice, Illusions, Indy 555, Jaws, Jet Bomber, Jet Set Willy 2, Joe Blade, Jump Coaster, Jyanyuu Mah-Jong, Kage no Densetsu, Kkoedori, Klax, Krakout, Labboss, Legion, Live's Ball, Lords of Time, Mac Attack, Magic Pinball, Malaya no Hibou - English, Marchen Veil 1, Maxima, Meteor Storm, Miki Va a Esquiar, Minesweeper, Mister Jaws, Moon Rider, Moonsweeper, Nebula Wars, Number Painter, Octagon Squad, Ole!, Outland, Pac-Maniac, Pass Ball, Patience, Picture Puzzle, PitMan 2, Playball, Puznic, Pyro-Man, Quasar, Race City, Red Moon, Relics - MSX2, Robofrog, Robot Wars, Rocket Roger, Sabotaje, Saint Dragon, Salvage, Scramble Eggs, Sea King, Sirwood, Snakes and Ladders, Space Force, Sparkie, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, Super Billiards, Super Bioman 1, Super Columns, Survivor, Syougun, Tetra Horror, Tetris II, The Apeman Strikes Again, The Hobbit, The Snowman, Thing Bounces Back, Thunder Ball, Toobin, Una's Lair, Uncharted Waters, Underground, Vicious Viper, Vietna, Void Runner, Wallball, West Bank, Winterhawk, Wonsiin, Xetra, Zexas

Guardic for MSX computers

Kkoedori for MSX computers

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