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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Pantheon 7.050 has been released

This release brings you 182 games for MSX computer: A1 Spirit, Aaargh!, Addicta Ball, Adven'chuta!, Alter Ego, Antares, Atoms 2, Back to the Future, Bakerman, Banana Worm, Bastard, Binary Land, Boulder Dash II, Break-Out, Butamaru Pants, Camelot Warriors, Cannon Fighter, Car Jamboree, Cetus, Cheating Wives, Checkers in Tantan Tanuki, Chuckie Egg, Con-dori, Crazy Bullet, Daiva Story 4: Asura's Bloodfeud, Deep Dungeon, Delta Force, Desolator, Devorado, Dimies, Draughts, Dynamite Bowl, Eat Blue!, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Eggy, Enchanted, Enigma, F-1 Spirit: The way to Formula-1, Factory Infection, Feud, Fighting Rider, Flight Deck, Football Manager, Fruity Frank, Galaxia, Galleon, Gekitotsu Pennant Race 2, Gemini Wing, Gomoku Narabe, Greatest Driver 2D Special, Grid Wars, Gunjin Shogi Gunshin Mars, Hacker, Hans' Adventure, Happy Fret, Haradius, Hercule, Highway Encounter, Howard: The Duck, Hyper Rally, Icicle Works, Indianquest, Infernal Miner, Invaders, Iron Star, Je Compte!, Jigsaw Set, Jotunn, Jump Jet, JumpinG: The Tutorial Game, Jyankyo, Kick It!, Knuckle Joe, Konami's Mahjong Dojo, Kralizec Battle Tetris, Lady Safari, Lazer Bykes, Le Mans, Legendly Knight, Livingstone Supongo, Livingstone Supongo - MSX2, Lode Run, Los Jardines de Zee Wang Zu, Mars II, Maths Invaders, Mayhem, Mecha Taisen on planet Oldskool, Megaphoenix, Miner Machine, Mission A, Mo-Karimakka. Bochibochidenna Sport, Monster's Fair, Moving Squares, Mr. Mole, MSX Baseball, MSX Baseball II, Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction, Neo Zeta 2000, NeoPong 512, Ninja Kun: Ashura no Shou, No Fuss!, North Sea Helicopter, Nuts and Milk, Obliterator, Oh No!, Out Run, Out Run - MSX2, Paccy, Palamedes, Panther, Parachuteless Joe, Pentagram, Pico Pico, Pinball Blaster, Pine Applin, Plumber, Poker, Punchy, Queen's Golf Training Center, RadX-8, Rai Rai, Rekenwonder, Replicart, Retaliot, Rock'n Roller, Roller Ball, Sa-Zi-Ri, Safari-X, Scentipede, Score 3020, Shougi Sinan 1, Shout Match, Sink King, Skyfox, Slot Machine, Soko, Sorcery, Spirit Power, Stan the Dreamer, Stardust, Stray Cat, Super Golf, Super Laydock: Mission Striker, Super Racer, T.N.T., Talisman, Tao, Tensai Rabbian Daifunsen, Terminus: The Prison Planet, The Demon Crystal, The Double Vision, The Fighting Wolf AT, The Great Gianna Sisters, The Heist, The Key, The Price of Magik, The Spider, The Tower of Angel, The Tower of Druaga, Tiles of Shalom, Traffic, Trick Boy, Triversi, Txupinazo!, Uchi Mata, Ultima III: Exodus, Urusei Yatsura: Koi no Survival Birthday, Vampire's Empire, Vectron, Vestron, Vigilante, Water Driver, Who Dares Wins II, Whopper Chase, World Golf, XORZ, Xybots, Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle, Zakil Wood, Zanac v2, Zone TNT, Zorax.

Belive it or not, but MSX is my favorite platform. There are sooo many different games and game genres available: classic japanese cartridge games, some of the best games from ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, games for MSX2 with great graphics and sound, homebrews... I have really enjoyed making this release.

Alter Ego for MSX computers

Bastard for MSX computers

Highway Encounter for MSX computers

Pine Applin for MSX computers

Super Laydock: Mission Striker for MSX computers

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