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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pantheon 6.314 is now available

Commodore PET emulator is now fully functional. This release brings you 166 games for this ancient computer: 17 und 04, 3D Noughts and Crosses, 3D Tic-Tac-Toe, A Scrambled Word Game, Acigol, Adventure 1: Cavern of Riches, Adventure 2: The Great Pyramid, Adventure 3: Haunted Mansion, AFO, Alligator Moeras, Android Nim, Artillery, Atlantic Patrol, Awari, B-29 Bomber, Ballon Redden, Baseball, Battleship, Bets, Bjack, Blackjack, Blockade Special!, Bonzo!, Break-Out, Breakout, Breakthru', Brick, Bridge, Bridge Bidding Trainer, BShip, Buggy, Bulls and Bears, Canyon, Capture!, Car Race, Civil War, Cluedo, Concord Landing Simulation, Cops n' Robbers, Cosmic Fighter, Crash, Demon!, Destruct, Diamond Hunt II, Dog Star Adventure, Dominos, Donuts, Doolhof, Dot Racer, Drag, Draw Poker, Epidemic, Fantastic Voyage, Fifteen, Flash Attack, Flight Simulator, Fluglandung, Football, Forest, Frog!, Frogger, Function Machine, Galactic Attack, Game of Deflection, Ganzen Schieten, Golf, Gribbet, Guess, Gunner, Gunners, Hamurabi, Hang Man, Hangman!, Hartenjagen, Heart's Desire, Hit the Target, Hockenheimrenner, Horserace!, Hunter, Hurkle, Jackpot, Jumbo Lander, Keno, Labyrinth!, Laser Tanks, Lizzard, Luna Lander, Lunar Lander, Lunar Lander X, Master Mind, Mastermind, Matches, Maxit, Mazer, Meteorites, MicroChess 2.0, Microjump, Mind, Miner!, Mousemaze, Mugwump, Night Drive, Nim, Noughts and Crosses, Off-the-wall, Outpost, Pac-Man, Pesten, Petals around the Rose, PETChess 4000, Picture Kingdom, Pinn-Ball, Pinball Wizards, Pirate Adventure, Pizza, Planet Probe, Poker, Pontoon, Power Boat, Qubic, Racebaan, Racer!, Radler, Rebount, Rescue!, Roboter Jagd, Rollercoaster, Rotate, Row of Four, Sargon II, Saucer War, Schieten, Schlange, Sea Battle, Seabattle, Shark, Shoot, Sinners, Ski!, Slalom, Slot Machine, Snark, Space Attack, Space Fight, Space Shooter, Spukhaus, Squash, Star Fighter, Star Trek v17, Star Wars, Sternenfalle, Stomper, Super Doolhof, Supertank, Target Golf, Target Practice, The Postperson's Route, Thunt!, Toker, TRON: Journey to the MCP, Vector Chase, Volcano, Voyage to Atlantis, Will 'o the Wisp, Wipeout, Zap.

Frog! for Commodore PET

Bets for Commodore PET


  1. Hello! i tried pantheon today and find it awesome! so simple to use! hope to see more games and systems added :)

    and thank you for sharing!


  2. Of course, there will be more games added in the future. In 2018, I plan to include Nintendo GameBoy Color emulator, and maybe even Commodore VIC20