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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pantheon 6.500 has been released

Pantheon 6.500 is available for download from my website. It brings you 186 games for Acorn BBC Micro computer: 3D Grand Prix, 3D Munchy, 3D Noughts & Crosses, 3D Tank Zone, A Maze in Space, Adventureland, Alien Jailbreak, Anion 3, Antique Freak, Artemidorus, Asteroid Miner, Atlantis, Awari, Backgammon, Banjax, Bar Billiards, Barrel Battle, Beebgammon, Bio-Chip, Blackjack, BMX on the Moon, Boris in the Underworld, Botanical Gardens, Bridge Master, Builder Bob, Burger King!, Burger Time, Captive, Car Race, Castle of the Skull Lord, Charlie Chan visits the Wock Factory, Checkout, Cheese, Chesster, Colditz Adventure, Colossus 4 Bridge, Commando, Confuzion, Cordelia, Cosmic Fighter, Cosmic Guerillas, Cosmic Kidnap, Cowboy Shootout, Crazy Clowns, Cruncher, Crystal Sea, Death in Poglovia, Desperate Dan's Dungeon, Diamond Quest, Dickie Brickie, Dictator, Dinosaur Adventure, Dominoes, Drop In, Dug Dig, Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge, Egg Mania, Elevasion, Elixir, Espionage, Explorer Eddie, Farmer Jo, Farmyard Fun, FirienWood, Flex, Flitty Flea, Footballer of the Year, Fred Drip, Future Shock, Garden Quest, Giantkiller, Gnasher, Gnome Adventure, Goldminer, Graham Gooch Match Cricket, Happy Puppy, Harry the Helpful Hippo!, Harvey Headbanger, Helter Skelter, Hitch Hiker, Hold Up, House - It's quite good, really, I.J.K. Casino, Impossible Mission, Insomnia, Invatron, Jason Mason, Jeremy goes Jumping, Jumbo, Jungle Journey, King's Quest, Kitchen Capers, Knight Game, Landfall, Last Days of Doom, Lemons, Liberator, Lost in Xanadu, Luna Zone, Magnetic Moon, Manic Mansion, Martians, Minefield, Miner Bill, Monaco, Monstermania, Monsters of Murdac, Moonbase Beta, Mr. Wimpy, Nyan Sid, Omegas, Oozeman, Palace of Death, Paranoid, Pass Go, Pipeline!, Pirate, Pirate Adventure, Planet of Muton, Pogo Pete, Predator, Professor Blubble, Pyramid and Casino, Radium, Rally Driver, Reluctant Hero, Return to Doom, Roboman, Robot Ronnie, Roller Coaster, Roller Rally, Rubik Cube, Saloon Sally, Santa's Workshop, Save your Bacon, Scrabble, Seek, Shipwrecked, Shipwrecked II: Jupiter 3, Sinbad, Slatter, Slippery Sam, Snaker, Snakes and Ladders, Space Hi-Way, Space Kingdom, Spitfire '40, Spitfire Command, Star Maze, Star Trek: The Adventure, Star Warp, Starship Quest, Storker's Run, Sub Killer, Superman: Man of Steel, Superman: The Game, Swamp Monsters, Tanks!, Telephone Mania, The Antagonists, The Arena, The Banana Game, The Big K.O., The Cube of Zoth, The Darkness of Raven Wood, The Gate, The Ghouls of Azzod, The Hobbit, The Island, The Little Kingdom, The Mad Painter, The Moonstone of Arkra, The QEGS Adventure, The QEGS Adventure 2, The Sentinel, The Tombs of Tutankhamen, The Valley, The Warlord, Up, Up and Away, Vortex Demo, Warp-1, Weenies, Wheeler Dealer, Winter Olympics, Wordsearch, Zen.

Future Shock for Acorn BBC Micro

The Darkness of Raven Wood for Commodore PET


  1. Thank you......keep going the good work!!

  2. New BBc Micro games very nice....plz try to add Amstrad emu with games, i cant wait for Amstrad. Thank you for your work, Pantheon is my company every day....

    1. Yes, Amstrad. I made emulator two years ago, and I made so many since then. Nintendo GameBoy Color and Commodore Vic20 will be next, i think, and then maybe Amstrad, or NeoGeo Pocket, or ZX81, Atari Jaguar... I don't know haha. I'll try to do my best. Right now, I am working on new release with dozens of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games, which will be available around new year.